The Small Time Traveler

By | December 30, 2011

This post goes out to the airline that made my travel wishes come true, tadaaa– Cebu Pacific! For having affordable flights that I can afford! Haha When I was a kid I badly wanted to travel on plane just because I feel left behind by my brothers and sisters who were able to travel here and there. I told myself that I would really trave when I have the means to do so. And that’s when it all started, my quest to search for the most affordable promo flights (read: CEBU PACIFIC). I always checked CebuPacific site for any promos, and fortunately most of those searches never failed me. I always managed to book myself and my friends an affordable flight, well at least affordable compared to other airlines.

One thing that I like in CebuPac is that you can book online even without a credit card. These bookings are all paid via BDO, ATM and LBC! Imagine just how convenient it is for those people who don’t own a credit card. Other airlines like Airphil and Zest Air also offer affordable flights but you can only book online if you have a credit card! I hope they will also have these transactions like that in Cebu Pacific so a lot of us who wants to travel can have a chance to grab some affordable flights.

Well, anyway, the first time that I booked was a trip to Cebu– CebuPac had a Php37 promo for celebrating the birthday of our hero Andres Bonifacio. And guess what? I was able to purchase a round trip ticket for me and my two friends Denz and Set for only PHP 1,496.64!!! And we went to Cebu and Bohol and we did enjoy that trip!

The second one was when I booked myself, Denz and Set again for a round trip ticket to Manila for only Php1, 248! I was also able to book my friend Iel for only Php248. The sad part was we were not able to take that trip because of some unfortunate circumstance. But we were able to push through with our trip to Manila last Nov. 19-21. It was again me, Set and Denz- but Ron took Denz’ place. Hehe I admit that some of the trip that I booked was not taken like I booked my parents and sister to a trip in Cebu. But what’s important is that I have slowly realized my wishes to travel. Now I am so looking forward to our trip in Boracay come June with Set and Iel courtesy of Airphil. My friend has a credit card so we managed to book that trip. 😀

I just hope everything goes well with my job so I can still travel. Hopefully I could travel to all the major destinations here in the Philippines and also abroad—now that would be the major, major wish that I want to fulfill. 😀


11 thoughts on “The Small Time Traveler

  1. Verns

    they're coming up with larger fleets, hoping there'll be more competitors coming arun mas munaog ang presyo sa ticket …. I won't ever na ride airphil and zest unless wa na juy lain ug apiki na … dropping by Quimz:)

  2. Quima

    Hi Mami Verns 🙂 Lagi katong first time nako musakay ug Zest Air kay hadlok kayu ko, pero ok lang man diay, mas dako pa gani sya. Okay lang pod sakoa ang Airphil mami, pero mas prefer nako ang Cebpac. Pero pag medyo mahal sa Cebpac, alternative dayun nako ang Airphil 🙂

  3. papaleng

    Talagang stiff ang airline competition nowadays. Yes, I agree, mas maganda ang service ng Cebu Pacific compared to other local airlines.

  4. kulasa

    wishing many more travels…and wishing for myself the time to travel far too soon…One thing that is holding me back is the kids, I would love to travel with them too and the hubby of course but as of now our budget is still tight but thanks to airline promos I think I should book our travels soon too! thanks for this awesome ideas…have a great time travelling! 🙂

  5. Rcel

    I have been hearing about this really affordable rates that Cebu Pacific offers. I have a lot of friends who were able to avail of their promos. I wish I can, too, someday! 🙂

  6. Raine

    I am also thankful to Airline promo which makes travels possible..accomodations and food na lang ang problemahon hehehe happy for you laag quimz! 🙂

  7. Cheerful

    its always nice to have them around…and they make traveling for every Filipinos possible. i am looking forward to see you here in Bangkok, hehehe! 🙂

  8. Anna

    Cebu Pacific's ever reliable promo fares are the reason why I have travelled to different places over the last 3 years and I love it. Thanks to promo fares!! Woot!

  9. Quima

    Wow! I would never forget that you said that! 😀 if ever i'll be there (hopefully soon), I will let you know. Hehehee 🙂


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