Bioessence Launched pHFormula!

By | May 15, 2012

Last weekend, I was privileged to be invited to Bioessence’s launching of their new product, the pHformula. It’s actually my first time to be in such event, and I really enjoyed the experience. (Special thanks to Davao Bloggers for inviting us to the event)! I was with my friend Julie, and we’ve met with the fellow Davao bloggers covering the event.

A presscon was held to highlight the benefits of the new product, and also to share tidbits about the beauty and health clinic. The new endorser of Bioessence, Ms. Iya Villania, graced the event with her charm and cheerful character. Also present was the President and CEO of Bioessence, Dra. Emma Guerrero and Bioessence’s Marketing Director, Jules Cabañero. 

Bioessence started in 1994 with only a 3 bed clinic in Davao City. But now it grew to be one of the most trusted and successful skin care clinics in the country and has already 28 branches nationwide. Since then, it has continuously been giving quality health and beauty service to the Filipinos and has continued the improvement and innovation of their products and services.

The newest addition to their product line is the pHformula which originated from Barcelona, Spain. For people who have skin/face problem like acne, hyper-pigmentation and chronic redness, pHformula might prove to be a very effective product for you. It has a proven track record for correcting the aforementioned skin conditions and can control skin resurfacing, helps trigger cell regeneration in different skin layers, helps fight skin ageing and at the same time limiting trauma and skin irritation. (You can find more about pHformula here).

For Dr. Guerrero, choosing Iya Villania and Nikki Gil as their new brand endorsers was not only because of their popularity and celebrity status but more importantly on their good image and disciplined lifestyle. At the press conference Iya shared how she maintained her healthy body and beautiful, young face. And one of the important practices that she never missed doing? It’s having a good amount of sleep and washing her face before going to sleep. She also reiterated that ageing is something that you can’t avoid hence and I quote “when you age, age beautifully” the singer/host said.

Honestly, I looked forward to this event mainly because there is a celebrity. However, during the conference I learned a lot on how to take care of one’s self. I always hear the common saying “Prevention is better than cure” and that is really true. We might not prevent ageing but we can delay it. Just like in taking care of your health, it’s easier to prevent having a sickness than actually curing it. We should start taking care of ourself before it’s too late. Start it while you’re young and who knows you still look youthful and healthy even in your 40’s and 50’s. 

Really pretty, approachable, game and down to earth!
Iya gamingly answered questions thrown at her, may it be about her showbiz life, love life and even Tulfo Vs. Santiago’s rift.
Blurred na kung blurred, si Iya parin yan! 😀
With Babygurl (aka Julie) My partner in crime! She’s the one who invited me to join Davao Bloggers, so thanks bbgurl! :))

and yours truly! 🙂

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