Crepeman Cafe Now in Davao!

By | December 28, 2014
Sometime in November, while I was doing my grocery in Gaisano Mall, I noticed this stall setting up their new place. It said, Crepeman. Seeing the pictures I thought it would taste weird because the crepe is sweet and there are fruits, veggies and meat all over it. Anyhow, I was still keen to try it and see for myself what it really tasted. Luckily, Davao Bloggers was invited to a food tasting by Crepeman and I was finally able to taste those crispy crepe. Boy, it was a wonderful experience having to eat something that is unique and really tasty! I couldn’t really believe until I tasted it that it could be so delicious.
Here’s a little background story of how Crepeman started out.

Karsten Sy Su, the young owner of Crepeman started her crepe business in 2003. Inspired with what his sister has started in the year 2000, Karsten has also decided to venture into crepe business by using her sister’s own business name Crux Crispy Crepe. She joined school fairs and bazaars for a start and fell in love with the flow of the business. From the night market in Greenhills and other bazaars Karsten was encouraged to rent a small kiosk space at Centro Escolar University (CEU) in 2004.

In January 2005 she rented a small space in St. Paul Quezon City, where the business was more appreciated by students. The unique flavors, taste and packaging of her crepe caught the attention of Paulinians. The students from St. pau; have motivated that made her decide to register her very own business in may 2006 under the business name “Crepeman.” The name was originally derived by one of the names the students of St. Paul gave the crepe store. Indeed, a wise decision was made as the business has expanded and was also able to acquire a place at Miriam College on the same year.
In 2007 Crememan partnered with Yummy Mix that has a stall in Fun Ranch, Pasig. It was where and when Karsten learned about the great opportunity at St. Paul-Pasig. Discovering more about the business and seeing how customer responds, she also joined Yummy Mix with their space at far eastern University, Morayta in January of 2011.The business kept on growing and Karsten became more hands on and more aggressive in pursuing her business. She became more active in thinking of ways to help the business grow and how it can widen its market.
From a kiosk at CEU Crepeman expanded its market by joining the street food night market at banchetto. It is one of the places where Crepeman was better known by many. everyone who gets to enjoy the taste of the yummy fruit crepes and the different sandwich crepes with different meat and salad flavors have spread the word to their friends. Every customer became the walking advertisement of Crepeman. Different groups have even featured the unique and yummy taste of the crepes in their blog sites. From its taste, customers have already started talking about the affordably delicious meal Crepeman offers which continuously contributes to the growing and expanding business of Crepeman.
 Paggawa palang, nakakatakam na!
 With the Crepeman owner and Davao Bloggers
Some of the crepe we sampled, the Sweet and Savory Crepe.
 The uber yummy Blueberry Sweet Crepe Php90 Probably my best pick among the Sweet Crepe variants
(Cream cheese, Blueberry, Crushed Graham)
 Mango Nabana Php95
(Mango, Banana, Choco Spread, with cream and kisses)
Chaos Sweet Crepe  Php100
(Mango, Banana, Peach, Choco spread, cream and kisses)
 Porky’s bacon Php95
(Bacon, Mayonnaise, Cheese, Lettuce, Corn and Pepper)
Philly’s Cheesesteak Php90 Really love its spicy taste!
(Beef, Caramelized onion, cheese and cheese spread)
Mix it Up Php100 My fave among the Savory Crepe!
(Ham, Bacon, Tuna, Cheesedog, Corn, Lettuce, Mayonnaise and Pepper)

From L-R: Strawberry Passion Fruit; Oreo Milkshake Php100; White Mocha Frappe Php135; Passion Fruit Smoothie Php85;
From the branches of Crepeman at Miriam College, University of Sto. Tomas (UST) and FEU Manila. On July 2013 Crepeman food stand developed into a cafe type and put up its first branch at 168-A Maginahawa St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City and in less than 6 months, Crepeman manage to put up its second cafe type branch at Congressional Ave., Ext., Quezon City. Recently, Crepeman opened another store in SM City San Lazaro Manila.
At present Crepeman has 10 branches  and still growing. They continuously offer different meat, fruit and sweet flavoured crepes which give every customer a total of 21 variants to choose from. Every recipe is made special by every ingredient that is mixed and added to it. Right now, Crepeman also accepts party orders and also offers catering packages to its valued clients.
There will be no so crunchy crepe more than Crepeman!
Now Davaoenos will have a taste of what Crepeman offers as it now made its way to Davao City, the first branch outside Luzon and Metro Manila. Crepeman is located at Lower Ground Floor, Gaisano Mall of Davao, just in front of the grocery.
You can follow them at their social media handles
Instagram: @crepemancafedavao

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