Firenzo and Dencio’s with Ronnie

By | April 24, 2012

Ronnie and I met up last Sunday to plan for our Samal outing with CARJAQ. And yesterday, we met again to brush things up- but actually we really never had this “planning thing” we just talked about it for a while then head on to talk about our life and the latest happenings etc. So the first meeting was at Firenzo’s. It was my second time dining there and it still amazed me with their cozy and comforting ambience. Ronnie who was a typical critic of almost everything also found the place nice and cozy and for the food? Here we go…

We had the Fish Fillet with Parmesan Cheese. My first reaction, had I known they will put sauce over it, I would have had it separated. It’s innate in me to doubt sauces over food. Well don’t get me wrong, I love flavorful sauces but I like having control of the sauce on my food. I had a lot of experience of the food being sinfully tasty but because of the sauce it ruined the overall taste of the food. What happened – it was not that bad actually, but the sauce was salty you would really rather ate it without it. Well I did try to brush all the sauce away, there’s still a bit left but it’s tolerable. 😀

Chicken Fingers with I-don’t-know-sauce -And here’s to wishing that I should have had the sauce separated too. I cannot describe the sauce’s taste but I sure I didn’t like it. Cheers to brushing off sauces! That’s what I did and managed to eat our orders but of course as expected, we had left overs!

French Fries and Bacon Our favorite! This, we managed to finish, no left overs! Haha But because it was just the two us with all these foods, we were really full! Well, at least diba? Lesson learned: Separate the sauce with the food! As in!

Macadamia- Nothing special with the taste. I cannot say it’s delicious, it was just okay. 😐

Dencios’ Kamayan We only had their meal with unlimited rice, so it’s not much really. But their spare rib which I was excited about was pretty bland. We never really ate it. I gave it to Ronnie but after tasting it, he set it aside. Toinks
So that was it, now I’m so looking forward to our beach outing this Saturday! 🙂

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