By | March 26, 2012
Weekend seems to passed by so quickly, so here’s a wrapped up post to document what I did last Friday!  Hooray to documenting!!
Pizza party again with boyfie. He’s  into pizza lately and I dunno why!  😀 Well, good enough because I wanted to try Sbarro only there are a lot of people lining up its like Wowowee that we ended up in Shakeys instead. Though I haven’t tried Sbarro, I was disappointed of the place; it was small and not cozy. I expected something like the place that Bigby’s or Shakeys got; after all they’re Sbarro, right? Well, base on the reviews I’ve read online the food was great so I still want to try it there though!

Here’s to bootsie boots Friday!  I finally got to wear my boots! I’m more tolerant nowadays and not really minding of people taking a second look at me or my boots. Haha Bahala sila!

Hunger Games
I planned to watch this movie with my friends but we had this urge to watch a movie that night and Hunger Games seemed to be the most decent movie..or so we thought.
First of all, I must admit that I should’ve read the books first before watching the movie. But whatever it is I had to say about the movie, I would and I’m looking forward to reading the books still!

The movie…
The first thing I and boyfie noticed was the cinematography, it was shaky that it made me dizzy. We then conclude that its because we watched it in 2D and the movie was made for 3D so that maybe explained it. However, I have read some reviews and they’re saying the same thing, so I’m not sure anymore, what’s certain was it gave me a headache! Haha The movie lacked something that would pique the viewers in the first 30 minutes. I know there’s no movie that climaxes in the beginning, but still, they could have made the storytelling more interesting that would make any moviegoer look forward to the latter part of the movie. Instead, the beginning of the movie made me wish I had a remote control and fast forward to skip the entire part.
It also made me think even if I haven’t read the books that the book would totally be different just like Harry Potter, though, Harry Potter movie was better than this. I was also amazed that they can take full control of the arena and haven’t had enough control of the 12 districts or the revolution. Or that I can find the answer in the book?? Hmm, I’ll know that soon! 🙂


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