A Weekend in Manila 1

By | December 6, 2011

Before I start blabbering about our Manila Trip, let me tell you that this is actually my first time to travel to Manila. You see, I moved heaven and Earth just to make this trip possible. I didn’t have the budget for this trip but I managed to squeeze out from half of my monthly salary- that was just my baon! Nonetheless the experiences and the fun we had with my friends are priceless that no amount of money can buy, ever!

Going to Manila also made us prepare our Tagalog speaking skills so taxi drivers won’t take advantage of us. I even told my friends that we really have to speak Tagalog and a good Tagalog for that matter. What happened? If we were to base it in on some parts of the MOA especially their food court, we can really say that we never left Davao at all! Really! The three of us keep talking in bisaya, only the exception of talking to people for directions etc. But then Bisaya as we are, we often forgot and sometimes asked with our dialect! Haha Ronnie even used Bisaya upon buying extra rice and he got the salesgirl dumbfounded! Haha But in reality, there are really a lot of Bisaya in Manila, out of all the taxi’s we rode,(we only rode on taxi’s btw!) only one driver is a Manileño or a Tagalog, the rests were all Bisaya! We’ve been lucky!

Okay, so let me just tell you something about the places we’ve been and discuss something about it. So here we go.

MOA– This was our first stop since CJ can’t make it to Manila. We were all by ourselves, Josette, me and Ronnie. And here the first driver we got is from Tacloban, we even gave him durian candies. Anyway, MOA was like you what you often heard, it was very big, wide and there are a lot of entrances that got us confused where we could find the baggage counter. Almost 1 hour and we found the deym counter! We had our lunch at the food court and boy was it so Davao! 😀

Manila Ocean Park- Our second stop and unfortunately there were lots of schools who were in field trip that day! Imagine the parking area turned into a bus terminal, the place was jampacked with students. But the experience of seeing rare variety of fish that were very beautiful and colorful was beyond enjoyable! Also, we were able to see Penguins, and we even got the chance to feed them. That was Trails to Antartica the newest addition of entertainment and learning at Manila Ocean Park. And mind you, we also got to experience snow! Well, not a real snow as we can’t have that here in the Philippines but very close to it. It was -15 degrees Celsius!!!! Man, that was so cold we couldn’t even move! Now thinking about it, is it just because we were not used to that kind of climate that we can’t stand being there for more than 10minutes? I wonder what’s it’s like living in a country where snow is basically a part of people’s lives.

Lipa, Batangas- So to save money and also to be with our Leng, we decided to sleepover in her place, (of course we asked her permission so she could get ready) 😛


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