An Epic Night At K1 Family KTV and Spa

By | September 6, 2015

A place where you can find everything in terms of entertainment, food and relaxation- that is what K1 Family KTV and Spa can offer to its customers.

So when Davao Bloggers were invited to try on their services and facilities, I was so eager to attend as I know I’ll get to enjoy videoke once again!

                                               With my FUSHLA friends way back 2010!

They have a lot of KTV rooms for you to choose from. The biggest KTV room can cater up to 30 people. They also have rooms good for 4, 8 or 12 people. K1 also have function rooms that you can rent for meetings or parties.

                                       Their biggest KTV room that can cater up to 30 people.
                                                   K1’s function room

If you feel like dancing and showing your moves around, K1 also offers Kinect room where you can do just that! I love to sing and I also love to dance. I’m not saying that I’m very good at these but I can totally express myself through singing and dancing. So that was what I did, and I got teased the whole night! HAHA


It was so obvious that we did enjoy the night! 🙂 (Photo from Luvnatz)


Davao Bloggers in one of the KTV rooms. (Photo from Kuya Andrew

I actually thought it was just a bar where you can order drinks and pulutans. But it was a restaurant serving a wide varieties of food- and a good food at that.

                      Battered Chicken- I totally dig anything basta manok! 🙂
                     Fried Chicken- Sabi sa inyo eh, basta chicken hehe
                   Crispy pata- Of course, who would not love Crispy pata?!
                     Beef salpicao- One of my fave aside from the chicken dishes

After dinner, karaoke-ing and kinect we then head on to try their Spa services. I had the Foot Massage and boy was it so relaxing.

                                                        K1’s Facial and Slimming room
                                   K1’s Foot spa and foot massage room
K1’s Massage room- though I never tried their body massage, I like it because it’s very private unlike the other massage spa in the city.

It was truly an epic night for me as I get to enjoy all their services especially the videoke and kinect (obviously). So if you want to try K1 Family KTV and Spa you can visit them at:

Torres Street, Davao City, Davao del Sur
Tel. No: 227-6081
(63)933-341-9569 (Jane)
(63)09334037240 (Gina)

You can also visit their website or like their Facebook Page for updates and promos!

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