Things to Do in Boracay

By | January 12, 2015
Aside from the powdery and white sand beach that you can enjoy in Boracay, there are also various activities that you can do. Here’s a short list of some of the popular outdoor activities that I’ve tried in Boracay.
Island Hopping (Php700) 
So we went island hopping with just the four of us, me, my cousin and the tour guide/driver/camera man/ and his assistant. That island hopping was never like the island hopping I’ve tried in Samal or in Honda Bay Palawan. It was more adventurous, terrifying and heart stopping experience. So here’s the story. First we hopped at Island Cove, taking pictures and taking in all the scenery views that was really delightful to the eyes. Second stop was in Puka beach where we almost drown. It was not something serious though. We didn’t know how to swim and the beach was steep or kantilado, so that sudden drop felt like drowning.
After that we braved Crocodile island. I used the word brave because the waves were so strong (at least for me and my cousin) that I couldn’t even take to look at the sea. It was a raging sea and we were the only ones sailing in that part of the island. The day after that the coast guard prohibited sailing across that part because of the bad weather. It was an experience I would never forget ever!
Parasailing (Php700)
 Up up and away!
This was the one I really looked forward to. The experience was not that extreme I thought it would be. But it was hell of an adventure still! Up there in the sky, it felt like you were riding a plane the way you’re seeing the ocean.You can feel the wind blowing and swaying while you are being pulled by a boat.
Reef Walking (Php300)
 I’m no swimmer so it was somewhat terrifying for me to be under water. But it was enjoyable seeing up close the colorful fishes. I was just a bit disappointed of how our video and photos came up. It was dark and blurry compared to what I have seen in my friend’s reef walking. But what the heck, the important thing is the experience, right?
Flyfish (Php 600)
 This is the most decent photo from this activity, yes it’s still blurry but it will serve its purpose. 😀
This was the one I really enjoyed to the bones. If para sailing was adventurous this was adventurous in an active way. Because you have to use all your strength so you will not be thrown into the water. But I did, but only once mind you. It was just sad because the one who took our pictures didn’t quiet know how to adjust or operate the camera so all of our pictures were super blurry. Note that our tourguide/cameraman was with us in this activity. My cousin won’t try it if it were just the two of us. Kuya was really helping my cousin out, like holding her for her not to fall into the water. But she still did. Hehehe
Sailing/Paraw Sailing (Php200) 
This was the only activity we tried with different people. It was nearly 6pm and we wanted to do something more so hence this activity. I am not sure what its called but they say it’s sailing or paraw sailing. 
Buggy car (Php500) 
I tried to drive the car but I just don’t know how to control it. So it was Monay who did all the driving and I only drive when we were in the parking area. Hahaha 
While riding a buggy car you can stop by a mini zoo and see some species of birds, monkeys and other animals.
 Monay brave enough to carry the iguana
Not in the life of me will I carry it! Haha
Sight seeing
Hair Braid (Php150)
Thank you dear Monskie for this trip! It was just the two of us but we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest! Till the next trip! 🙂


Note: The prices are in a per person basis.

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