Review: Happy Skin Shut up and Kiss me Moisturizing Lippie

By | March 4, 2015

When I learned of Happy Skin it easily got me excited because of the colorful, pretty and witty packaging and names. It was also constant on my IG feeds as almost everyone is raving about it. But I am not one who’d easily jump into the bandwagon and the uso so I searched for reviews on Ms. Liz’s blog first and I found out it was a rave because it actually is good! So here goes my review on my first ever Happy Skin Shut up and Kiss me Moisturizing Lippie. I got mine in First Kiss.


What I like:
I love pink but when it comes to lipstick I’m a bit skeptic if I can pull it off. I don’t know. I just felt  it would not suit me… but not until First Kiss changed all that. Its pink-ness is just right. It’s not too bright that I can wear it during working days.
It complements well with my skin tone and yes my teeth. Okay, I don’t have a yellow teeth but there are lipsticks (mostly pink) that will make my teeth looked yellow. But not with this one.
Its staying power is awesome. It would last me until the end of the day (but of course not that bright anymore) but the pigment is still there, anyone could say you’re still wearing a lipstick. And mind you, usually I just put on first to second coating so it’s really awesome.
It can totally change your look, for the better. Currently, I have this product I’m testing so I don’t put anything on my face except for the sunscreen and serum. I can nearly pull off that Koreana skin look. LOL! But really, this lippie is all I add and my look would change from a casual-looking-woman to a smart-looking-woman. Hehe
I love how it moisturizes my lips too. My lips won’t feel dry and I think the moisturizer makes it easier to glide the lippie on your lips. Cause even if you only put the lipstick on either one of the lip, it would suffice to cover your entire lips.
This was from last year so I had my make up on.
So that’s it. I don’t really have anything I don’t like, so far. I’m definitely loving it the bones that I want all the other shades like honey glow and summer fling.
So how abut you? How’s your experience with Happy Skin lippies?

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