Keep Calm and Skydive in Thailand

By | January 22, 2015
For the longest time, I’ve always wanted to travel abroad. I love to visit new places. Aside for the experience, I also want to have fun and learn new things. The experience you get when you travel is priceless. Many have asked why do I spend my money on things like travels. Well, it all comes down to the things you’re passionate about, to the things you’d willing to spend your money and effort on- and for me that would be traveling and a couple of other things too.


 So this year gives birth to my first ever travel abroad- Thailand. I have more other countries I’d love to go to than Thailand but we were after the availability of the sale, so Thailand happened. However, Thailand proved to be the best choice as we really enjoyed and got the most out of that trip. I don’t have anything to compare it to but it was, still and all, the best trip ever!

We may have not visited all the tourist spot Thailand has to offer but we maximized everything we can squeezed at our limited time. The best part was, I was able to do skydiving! It was the highlight of our trip and definitely one of the things that I will forever remember.

Truth is we never planned to go on skydiving. It was late October when Iris found out that there was skydiving in Thailand and from then on I said to myself that I will try it no matter what. It was not some kind of  a bucket list waiting to be ticked off. I’m just one who wants to try new and adventurous things! Just thinking and imagining sky diving made my insides twirl and I felt like dying.

Thinking of parachutes not opening and stuff fill our heads from time to time. The anxiety and the thought of jumping made us die several times but on that actual day all those feelings fade away. There was still fear of course but it was overpowered with excitement and the feeling that you are gonna jump any minute soon!

That moment of falling have that stomach swirling effect. The best part was, I got to have my own version of heaven in this world. As it was so cold and I was surrounded with cotton candy clouds.
So let’s get this straight. I was kind of frustrated on the flying itself because first I never got to spread my arms and fly (OA, but yeah, hahaha) and second because I felt dizzy during the parachute glide. It was that moment that you’re afraid you may not be doing the right thing. That was what I was feeling when I was waiting for my guide to tap on my shoulder as a signal that I could let go of my hands.

When I saw the video, it was then that I realized that the moment Slava tapped my shoulder was the moment I tried to let go of my hands! Because swear, I never felt the tapping!!! And I was even trying to say something to Troy (the camera man) and making actions if I can already let go of my hands. Hahaha It felt weird because you can never talk with that pressure above. Silly girl!

 Thumbs up because I’m gonna jump later!
The picture says it all!
 With my mouth wide open!
 Yes, I’m flying!
 This was the time when I tried to let loose of my arms and never felt the tapping from  Slava. #fail
 Yeah baby!
See, how I was trying to close my mouth just so my fats won’t move. HAHA

And because of my trying to say something up there made me dizzy (kabuhi) as I was swallowing so much cold air (or so I think). I felt like I was going to throw up when we were back in the ground, hahaha As most of my friends know, I’m prone to motion sickness. But anyhow, I can proudly say I’ve come to overcome the actual throwing up and vomiting part. The last time I did was back in 2005 in a bus. A little trivia here so clap clap! Bleh!  😀

 Smooth landing
 Thank you Slava!
 I was kind of dizzy but still managed to laugh it all.
In spite of all that it was still an experience to behold and one thing that would forever be in my heart and mind. At present, whenever I come to doing or trying some unusual things, I get to tell myself that I’ve done skydiving and I cannot do this?!! Come on! The three of us have that bragging right over something that is unusual, so ibigay nyo na samin to, hahaha
If you will ask me if I would do skydiving again, my answer would be a resounding “hell YES”, if not for the price though, hahaha And tapping or not I will let go of my hands as soon as I’d free fall and smile a lot. As you noticed in the vid, I tried to close my mouth most of the time so as not to make my fats on the face move. But after seeing the video over and over again, I think no matter you’re thin or fat, you can’t control the moving of your skin, so it’s okay! 🙂
How about you? Would you like to try skydiving anytime soon?
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