My MYOH ’11 Pair!

By | September 9, 2011

I was twice a MYOH volunteer in year 2008 and 2009. I was still a student back then and it was a very fun and fulfilling experience. It might be volunteer but we were paid and we got a free pair of a make your own Havaianas. It might not have cost much but as students, anything free was a hundredfold more awesome. But the year after that it was not a MYOH pair anymore just a plain flip flops.

Well now, it was 3 years since then and I finally have my second MYOH pair.  I was really thinking that I can make it into being a volunteer again, but to no avail. If you’re thinking that only students can qualify for volunteering, nah! My friends are still there even when they have their own jobs now. And some of them are really working in the company too. It’s too bad that Trixie forgot to contact me! Oh well, life! Okay, for the information of everybody MYOH stands for Make Your Own Havaianas wherein you can customize your own pair. You can choose your sole, your strap and a pin to go with it. I did not really plan to buy one today but my friends Ron and Au forcibly made me to.:P It took me almost an hour deciding which pair to buy, really! Oh well here’s why..

                                                                  Trying on the pairs.

Torn between choosing a top or a slim Limited Edition Estampas flip flops.

The straps and the cubby holes (where the sole and straps are located). Of course my friend Ron was my assembler and he got almost all of the straps for me, thus making it hard for me to choose. 😛

 And finally, my pair! A Limited Edition Estampas top with yellow strap and a Limited Edition pin!

P.S The regular tops cost Php845.  While the Limited edition Estampas top/slim cost Php945.
Pin ranges from Php100-150 each.


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