The Resurrected Friend!

By | September 12, 2011

I was with my 2 FUSHLA friends and Ate Doms, the resurrected friend. I called her such, because it was in our second year high school since we last heard of her. And because she got broken hearted, she ran into Facebook to find comfort and reunite with “us” online and the rest is history. She actually planned this meeting, said she wanted to see us and treat us to the movie, thus this:

Before the movie, we had dinner at the Classic Savory food.

It was not something that I would say delicious. It was just okay. ;P

Iris and her free order, fish fillet that for some reason tasted different but the most okay food in our order:D  She got a promo code or something that’s why it was free. 😀

After that we went to the movie house to watch Final Destination 5 and I just wished I never watched it. Will try to come up with a movie review about it 😉


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