Review: Smoothing Hair Serum (The Final Product)

By | December 8, 2013

Last year, I was one of the few customers of Human Nature Philippines who have been given the chance to try and test on their new product, (the Hair Serum) before launching it to the public. I was given a sample and tried it. Then I have given my feedback and also wrote a review here on my blog.

And just last September, Human Nature have contacted me to try on their new Smoothing Hair Serum, this time it was the final product. So here goes my review.

As you might read in my previous review, I have a handful of things that I do not like. But trying on the final product, I say there are lot of improvements.

First off, the smell which was really off for me at first (trial product) was all good now. And even if I’m sporting a curly hair now, it was still able to managed my hair leaving it frizz free. And yes, it
was not that sticky to the hand anymore unlike before.

However, since I have a curly hair now, the hair Serum is not really something that my hair needs. I am using a hair cream intended to keep my curls in great shape. But for everyone who wants to keep their hair manageable and frizz free, then this product is for you. Aside from the fact that Human nature product is all 100% natural, the price is also affordable for only Php 249.75 (50ml).

And great news, grab their special offer now. A whooping price drop from 249.75 to only Php 199.75 for their Smoothing Hair Serum.

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