2013 The Year that Was

By | January 11, 2014

This may be a late year ender post but what the heck I’m still posting something about it. 🙂
2013 was a very challenging year for me. It was a roller coaster ride since it gave me so much experience and happenings that made me wiser, stronger and tougher. Allow me to take you to a trip down my memory lane, those happenings that really stood out for me, things that made changes to my life and personality.

Let me start with the light things, on January I finally got my hair curled! You know how I got my hair curled before and it won’t, ever so I ended up shaving it instead? Right, well there were a lot of reasons to coming up to that decision but it was one of those reasons still.

Curly curl!!!

April– I want to include this because I never got to post it here even if I wanted to. Talk about procastinating. (Guilty) Well my CARJAQ friends together with Tim and Daddy went to Dayang Talicud Samal for our yearly outing. It was an outing we’d never forget because we got ourselves involved in a not so nice situation. I won’t go into details about it but it involved habal-habal drivers chasing and harassing our group. It was scary, yes, but at the same time it was very adventurous that it’s actually funny just by thinking about it.

May- Of course my birth month! I turned 25 last May and even though I’m full of apprehension of what lies ahead in the next years I know that I’ve got people who will love and support me along the way. Also 25 years of existence has taught me a lot of things that can guide me into making the right decisions that come my way.

June– The most painful and agonizing month in my whole existence. I lost my Papa. It may not as painful as before writing about it now. But sometimes, just out of the blue all the memories and the thoughts will come rushing like a wave and tears roll down freely like they were just there, waiting to be released. I miss you Papa.

August- September–  I can say that life is indeed a roller coaster. After weeks of grieving I could not imagine hearing some good news though deep inside I was rooting for it. BPI Philam called me for an interview and fast forward I have undergone training in Manila to be a Bancassurance Sales Executive. It was not as if I was expecting something to come out of that online application. It was just some random day and I just passed some applications here and there not really thinking or expecting anything. But then it came and even if I really love my freedom working as a virtual assistant/freelancer I couldn’t really pass this kind of opportunity, right?

And so I went to Manila for the 15 days training but somehow was extended until September 6 because of typhoon Maring. There I meet new and different people. People that somehow allowed me to see things in a different perspective. I learned a lot in training (of course) :), meeting new people and sharing experiences with them, it was one great experience to say the least. I am also glad that we have made this bond that even if we don’t see each other often we know that we have someone we can talk to especially when it comes to the challenges we encounter with our work.

Batch pasaway daw kami! 😀

Batch 24

Famly Outing– Family always comes first and though Papa was not here anymore we were still able to enjoy each other’s company that day when we went to Eden. It was fun being surrounded with people that  you know will never leave you no matter what.

A family affair! 😀

December– December really signifies to be a happy month. You have to agree with me on this.;) I made my first sale of a regular pay product (one that our company is really pushing for us to sell). And it was a big sale you know. I was and am really happy about that sale. I am also thankful for people who really believe in what I have to say and people who truly believe in our product. This product, it may come out as selling but it actually is very important and helpful. (I may have to make another post about this. Hehehe)

Davao BPLAC team! 🙂

And yeah, we also had a bridal shower party for our FUSHLA friend Mariel! It was a helluva night and just yesterday Mariel and JB tied the knot. Oh diba super late na itong year ender post ko! Hahaha Congratulations Mariel and JB and have a wonderful marriage! 🙂

Cheers to more than a decade of friendship!

I must say 2013 was indeed a challenging year for me and for my family.  But I’m glad cause we are still strong and somehow even more bonded than before. Career was and is really challenging especially now that we have this ‘save the job’ rule. Oh I hope I could get through it!
Friends- you know how I was kind of negative on this last year but I can say that I was able to manage it and now really keeping those who are true to me.

So I think that was it. Now facing 2014 with more courage, love and understanding especially for people whom I’m going to talk with in work. 🙂

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