KaLui: Where to Dine in Puerto Princesa Palawan

By | October 31, 2012

When in Puerto Princesa, one must really consider Kalui for that ultimate dining experience. It’s not just about their delicious food offerings but of the aesthetically design of the place. 

Here is my little story telling/review on what will awaits you in Kalui.

Our tour guides never failed to give us a little background of the best places to dine in Puerto Princesa. And one of those places was Kalui.

As expected, upon arrival the place was jampacked so we have to wait until there would be vacant seats. But while waiting we were entertained and was amazed of the landscape of the place and the lights and lanterns hanging from the trees. Nonetheless, we took advantage of the time we had and we never really got tired of “waiting” because it didn’t really feel like we’re waiting at all.

Just some of the paintings.

Upon entering the resto, you have to take off your shoes and place it in the designated safety drawers. Once inside, you will be greeted by the friendly staff and the stylish interior of the place, paintings, the shiny and polished floor that you can actually make a mirror out of it if you have plenty of light. 😀 

The waiting part was actually when we were inside; it was longer than we expected that we apparently grew cameras in our hands for constantly taking pictures. Just so we’ll not get bored and to take off our minds with our complaining stomachs. 😐
But then the best was always saved for last, cause when we were finally able to have our seats, the food really satisfied our uber gutom stomachs. Hehe 

Blue Marlin Steak (P200) Delectable
Palawan Seafood Sisig (P215) You know I’m not a fan of sisig, but according to my friends,  it was good!
Pinakbet (P180) Flavorful, the seafood taste is really there.
Spicy Crab (P525) So tender and juicy just like hotdog. Haha No kidding, it was really yummy!

Buttered Talong  I forgot the price 
Complimentary dessert with fruits topped with Muscuvado sugar. sweet.
Shrimps Halabas or in Garlic Butter (P215) This was superb!!
It was a very sumptuous meal that you could not ask for more. I must say that if I’d be back in Puerto Princesa, I would really go back to this place, really!
Some of the photos credits to Mariel’s camera, and some from my camera with Iris’ photography skills. (Char!) :))
So till next food post! 
Some info: 

KaLui Restaurant
369 Rizal Avenue Puerto Princesa City Palawan
( Opens Daily Save Sundays Lunch 11-2pm; Dinner 6:00-10:30pm )
Reservations Requested:

Landline: (048) 433 2580
Mobile No: +63 928 753 9621
E-mail: online@kaluirestaurant.com

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