Hawkers: Where to Dine in Digos City

By | November 2, 2012

All of my friends know that I’m from Digos, and gosh this would be my first time to actually talk about the place where I was born, the place where I spent my 24 years, (or yeah, even if I was in Davao for 8 years or so now). So, that’s it, when you say it’s the place where you came from, it’s basically the place that molds you into the person that you are right now (oh, also considering other factors though and there’s a lot, but we are not talking about that now, okay? :P).

Did I mention, Hawkers and where to dine in Digos City? Oh I did. Sorry if I seem to forgot that. Well, not for anything else, but restaurants and such are not really plenty in Digos City, so if you are thinking like Davao City, then scrap that thought, because it’s not like it. And Hawkers is maybe just one of the best places to dine in Digos, so if there’s only a few choices, it’s surely easy to find something that would truly leave a mark, and that’s why I’m talking about Hawkers here.

The place gives you that homey and native vibe. It is also very quiet and serene even if it’s just beside the road and a school. I don’t know if it was the owner that was so nice to us that time. But he did pull three chairs for my godson so he can sort of level with our table.

Colorful lanterns beneath the nipa celing.
Another one.
Wine collection.

We had their Garlic Chicken and Lumpia Shanghai, yeah these are just simple meals but then it’s quite good. It was my second time there, so I’ve actually tried their Bolognese Pasta years ago and boy was it good, really good. My sister was actually the one who was boasting and bragging about the place, (because she’s just a pasta lover) and needless to say, she really enjoyed and is enjoying dining here. They serve food from seafood, chicken, pork and beef. And if I’m not mistaken, you can also request for them to cook something that is not on the menu, just like what I said, the owner is pretty accommodating.

Lumpiang Shanghai
Garlic Chicken

Of course, if you’ll ask me if I wanted to come back, I will! Though I have found some new place to dine in Digos, I will still come back here. Nothing beats the homey feeling this place can give you. And yes, about the new place, I will also blog about it soon. 🙂


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