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By | February 17, 2012

If you’ve been reading this blog or if you’re following me on Twitter, you’d probably know how hooked up I am with TV series! They’re like my stress reliever, my friend when there’s no else to talk to or nothing else to do. I’ve got a handful and I‘m really having fun every time I’m watching them! The shows that I like are those that make me think about things outside the show.
So here’s a compilation of the series that I’m watching and some series that I already finished watching. 🙂

The Vampire Diaries
Probably the first TV series that I hooked up to! Early last year when I started watching it after hearing and seeing people talked about it! It didn’t disappoint me and as a matter of fact it made me feel a lot of twirled and mixed emotions. See this?! Nothing to say anymore as I already talked a lot about it in this blog.:P


Big Bang Theory
Thanks to the boyfie for introducing BBT to me. At first, I was not really keen and excited to watch it. But episode 1 of season 1 was all I need and there, I enjoyed, laughed and thought my mind out together with the characters. They are the best!


Criminal Minds

It was that time when TVD has just ended season one. That horrible time for the fandom world and to me to wait for the next season. And poof, I found myself some refuge, thanks to my then officemate Bhenny for suggesting Criminal Minds and for lending me her dvd’s that until now I still haven’t returned. 😛 But then I should give credit to Criminal Minds not only that it made my time more bearable while waiting for TVD but it is really a good action-detective-self analysis-fun filled show! I love it so much that I have straight days sleeping at 2am in the morning just watching this series!


The Secret Circle
One of the shows that was like a buffer for me when there’s nothing else to watch! Nah, just kidding, I have grown to love this series because of the lovable characters in the show. Way to go for TSC even if I have some irritating feelings towards Adam just last episode!:P


It was just last January when I started watching this series. The show has actually just started too so it was a pretty nice timing. I should say it does give me satisfaction only that I like Criminal Minds better!: However, there are so much to watch for as it has only been six episodes. So many questions to be answered and secrets to reveal –so this definitely made my list!


While I’m most hooked up to American series it doesn’t hinder me to explore and even enjoyed watching Japanese anime series. Some of the series that I’ve watched are Naruto, Card Captor Sakura and Kimi ni Todoke. Another is the first series that I followed on Manga only because I can’t wait for the videos to come out! If you are into mystery-thriller-almost horror show then this is what you’re looking for!


Kimi ni Todoke
The funniest and the most enjoyable Japanese series for me! It made me cry, it made me sad and it even frightened me a lot of times while watching it! If you want to start watching Japanese series, I recommend you’d start on this one, really worth it!


City Hunter
It’s not the Japanese City Hunter but the Korean version! I bought a dvd and marathoned myself until I can’t stand being awake anymore! It was that good! I’ve finished watching it even before ABS CBN got a franchise of it! Every episode brings you different kinds of emotions! I love Lee Min Ho and Attorney Kim! A must see series, I tell you!


Lie To Me
Another Korean series that got me hooked up! The series was so cheesy, sweet and light! Just enough to give you some dose of love and cheesiness! Hehe I’ve finished watching it, right after City Hunter- ‘must say one of the cutest love story I’ve watched!


I should say I should thank GMA for introducing IRIS to me. I know I will be hooked to it right after the moment I saw it on TV. It was like ALIAS- a show way back in my highschool years that got me and my classmates crazy dudu! We even formed a group out of the series and acted as if we’re part of the show, yeah that crazy! 😀 Anyway, IRIS is really worth watching for. I am currently on its chapter 4 and I love every episode of it! It’s one hell of a ride of anger, love, revenge and action show! Even if the male protagonist is not that good looking (not really like Lee Min Hoo type) I still can’t help but fall in love with his character. I love how the characters are created. Each character got his or her realistic personality that they stay faithful to throughout the show.


Check these out! You might find something interesting with these shows. As I’m still searching for awesome shows out there, I know that this list will only grow longer. 🙂


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