Cooking Just Got Real!

By | February 14, 2012

It’s Saturday again, and I had my cooking class. This is already our fourth session, but this is the first time it really felt like a cooking class. The previous sessions were more on kitchen techniques, but today, we spent the whole day standing up as we had to cook four kinds of recipes. Even now, my legs and feet are killing me. Shit just got real y’all!
So, as I mentioned we cooked four recipes and those were;

Chicken Curry

Personally, I don’t really go for Ginataan dishes. However, (not that I’m being biased); our Chicken Curry was really tasty. The coconut milk was just perfect, not too milky and not too watery, it was just right.(yay, i was the one who prepared the coconut milk :p) It was not only me but also the other group said that it was really delicious. The challenging part for me was slicing the whole chicken. I tried doing it but I gave up a few seconds in when I realized there’s no chance in hell that I’d be able to do it. 😛

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Lemon Butter Sauce

I’ve been hearing a lot about this dish and finally I was able to cook it! Yey! The taste was pretty decent but it was not really something that would knock your socks off! And the sauce was not really good, it was too buttery, apparently there was a shortage of lemon-sito. 😀 We didn’t use American lemons alright?! The supposedly challenging part of cooking this dish was the rolling of the chicken together with the cheese and ham but I was able to do it pretty well.

Breaded Chicken Breast

The taste was pretty…(meh)! It wasn’t bad but there was really nothing special about it. The difficulty is a little over the level of boiling an egg! Hahaha

Chicken Lollipop Wings

Cooking this was perhaps the most unrewarding dish we made today. It takes a lot of effort to turn a wing into a shape of lollipop! And yet the taste was pretty lackluster! Children may enjoy it because of its shape but I’m not digging the taste! However, the taste could’ve been better if we added more seasoning to it!

I have to say, that overall, I loved the result of today’s tiring work except for little annoyances along the way. I also discovered that I love garnishing and plating! I was the one who garnished and plated the three dishes except for the Chicken Curry. Too bad we haven’t had enough garnishing ingredients to make it look much better! I hope next Saturday will be less gruesome but will still provide a lot of learning experience.

Also, I wish the older guy stops those annoying things he does, thinking he’s putting the moves on me. 😛


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