Review: Nanny Rose’s Stick and Pulls (Honey Wax)

By | December 12, 2012

If truth be told I was never a fan of waxing, I am a die-hard pluck queen. Well, not until I read posts about Nanny Rose’s Sticks and Pulls Honey Wax, did it stir my curiousness and that feeling of trying something new. So I did, months ago. I’ve used it for 5-7 times before it ran out, pretty worth it.

You can use it cold or warm. On my first use, I had it warm, but the succeeding applications were cold. I don’t know but it works better on me when used as cold.

One tub down 🙂
How I used it:

I washed my armpit and dried it using a towel.
I applied a good amount of wax on the hair, making sure I covered every part that has a hair on it.
I placed the cloth strip on the waxed area and pushed it couple of times for it to stick really well on my skin.
After a while, I pulled the cloth strip opposite of the direction of how I applied the wax.

I really like its scent; it makes me wanna eat it! Haha
It really gives you a smooth and soft armpit for days- I mean it! I think it lasted 3 days where I can really say that my armpit was smooth and soft.
It’s a bang for your buck! For only Php169.75 it will last you for at least 2-3months, (depends on usage)
It’s organic, so you know you are using safe and non-harmful products.


It was my first time using a waxing cream so I don’t have anything to compare to. I’ve read about its cloth strips and some user was not satisfied of it, but I am. I even washed it just so I can use it again. But I only used it two times and purchased a waxing cloth (different brand).
The first pulls cannot take the hair away (there are just a few of it, very few if I may say). I have to endure 4-5 pulls before stopping and seeing REAL results. It didn’t take away ALL the hair, but at least it was able to remove majority of it. And so, I have to rely on my plucking method for the remaining hair. Hehe


I love it! I will repurchase, well, in fact I already did! 😀 I don’t really think that other waxing products can remove all the hair with just one or two pulls. So the 4-5 pulls are okay with me and besides I feel like it also removes dead skin cells and the likes that’s why it leaves you with a soft and smooth armpit after.

So have you ever tried Nanny Rose’s Stick and Pulls (Honey Wax) or any wax for that matter? Tell me your experience 🙂

200 grams (Php 279.75)
100 grams (Php 169.75)
50 grams (Php 99.75)

13 thoughts on “Review: Nanny Rose’s Stick and Pulls (Honey Wax)

  1. Quima

    Hahaha ikaduha pa nako ni na review. Wala pako ka comment sa imong blogs bah. Wait wait lang. Hehehe

  2. papaleng

    nice review. seems the product is effective based on your account. Try ko na lang i-share sa mga friends ko ito.

  3. Jessica Cassidy

    I never try waxing Sis but I pluck mine. It is hard but the hair grow slowly and been plucking for a very long time now 🙂

  4. Mai

    I like your review of this, makes me want to check out the product though I've never tried waxing before. 🙂 It's a good thing it's organic.


    I haven't tried that product yet. I'm not sure if we have that here in Dubai. What I normally do is go to the salon for a waxing treatment. The last time I waxed myself, I didn't get to pull out the hair properly so my legs' hair have ingrown and I don't like the feel of it.

    Ria C

  6. Algene

    Hi Quims! When I was still in college, I used a waxing product too pero tinigilan ko 'cause my skin is sensitive pala. Up to now, I'm using a different skin item na. Hehehe

  7. betchai

    hmmm, have not tried waxing, but you did very well in the review, and am glad for you it delivered good results.


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