My Hair’s Anniversary

By | July 13, 2011

This post is again long overdue. This ought to be posted last June 7 2011, one of the important days for me. It was the anniversary of my shaved hair. Yes, you read it right, I have shaved my hair. From straight-to a not so curly hair  (my hair won’t curl, ever!) to skinhead. See? Well, there were a lot of reasons why I shaved my hair. Hmm, I don’t know if I ought to share it here. But one thing’s for sure having my hair shaved was one thing I dreamt of doing. I believed it will renew and reborn my hair. You know I wanted my hair to be back as what it used to during my elementary and high school years, shiny, smooth and pretty without using chemicals.

It’s not really the curl I wanted. I even went two times to the salon that did my hair but to no avail. Everytime I go out, I have to curl it myself using curling irons.
Well, I did not get the result I hoped to get but I am still happy and proud of myself that I was able to pull that act. Because admit it or not, not everyone would dare do that, especially with girls- but I did and it’s worth it! Even if they say that the hair is the crowning glory of a woman, it doesn’t follow that if you do not have a hair of a princess or a long hair at that you can’t be beautiful. See? I still look pretty right? 😛 Hahaha

9 thoughts on “My Hair’s Anniversary

  1. Jessica Cassidy

    I used to have short hair and I do not like it but my husband does 🙂 You still look beautiful short or long hair, what matter most is, you have a beautiful heart inside 🙂

  2. kulasa

    yes you still look pretty! I think I could do that too, yet with the husband around I do not think that is possible on second thought hehe, you on the other hand look great with you anniversary hairstyle 🙂 mwah!

  3. betchai

    you are still very beautiful with your shaved hair, i guess, you are one of the girls who carry themselves still very well and so beautifully without their crowning glory since your crown is your beautiful smile and confident look.

  4. Cheerful

    you look beautiful. 🙂 reminds me of having that cacai velasquez hairstyle during my highschool days. i had hair as short as that in your last picture but it was not shave, just cut like CV hairstyle, hehehe.

  5. Mari Bella

    Pretty pretty girly… Whatever style it is, the smile printed in your face contributed a great role in your appearance on the cam. Beautiful sissy. 🙂

  6. Marie

    For reals??? Yikes!!! That is so cool of you. I've always wanted to shave my hair because it's really curly and opposite to yours, I want it to reborn and hoping it will reborn as straight, shiny and smooth because originally, I do have a straight, shiny and smooth hair way back my toddler days (yes, I do remember) but to some events that I need to curl my hair, (my mom did) it never returned to its original form. It has gone curly/kinky and I hate it! 🙁

    Until now, I'm still having second thoughts on shaving my hair as I don't know how would people around me react about it. But, after reading your post, I got inspired. You're brave! 🙂


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