Review: Tiara Oriental Hotel

By | November 10, 2013

I mentioned in my last post that I was in training for BPI PHILAM for almost a month. We stayed in a hotel, the Tiara Oriental Hotel in the heart of Makati City. It was definitely my first time in the hotel and for that moment I thought the hotel was awesome and oh so good. Sounds like a food eh!

But after days of staying in the hotel I realized that they have so many things to improve on. Like the carpet that smells bad in the hallway and in our room. Well it’s not that bad but it’s not pleasant either. It gives you the feeling that it hadn’t been vacuumed for quite a while.

Everyday there’s a room service that would ‘clean’ and replace the bedding. But its not the kind of cleaning that is totally clean but just so-so. They have never vacuumed our carpet except for that one time that we asked them to. And the bedding, they never really replaced everything everyday. I know this because there’s a certain stain in my sheet that is always there even if they have ‘cleaned’ the room.

Complimentary not complimenting 

We have stayed in the hotel for almost a month, but we never had a complimentary breakfast, not oven once! Not that we payed for the accommodation and I definitely don’t know what’s the arrangement between BPI Philam and the hotel but isn’t it considered as a courtesy? Even just for once, you know?

No Free Wifi 

Usually in the hotels or tourist inn that I’ve been to there’s a free WIFI. It may only be available in the lobby area but at least it’s free. You know how much they charge for a 1 hour WIFI connection in Tiarra Hotel? A whooping P100! And mind you, there’s no free wifi in the lobby area! It’s ridiculous, right? I mean for me, nowadays free internet connection is somewhat a must service that every establishment should offer. And to think that they are a hotel for that matter. But I didn’t have any choice; I have availed of this service even if it’s very expensive for that certain time that the prepaid internet is not working. (I needed to work on something very important).

 The Staff 

No matter how bad the amenities or the service is, when you have good staff and good customer service it will somehow compensate or it will make you feel okay about the whole thing. But how about having staff that is not courteous or sensitive at all to the needs of their customer? Because that was the kind of staff we had at this hotel. Although not all but most of them. When we asked for water or extra cup or glass, they will just ring the doorbell and when we opened the door for them, they couldn’t even utter a simple good morning or good afternoon. We actually do the greetings for them. And they wouldn’t even smile. You know that face that tells you they don’t like what they’re doing, that was the face that I was seeing on their faces.

As I mentioned we stayed at this hotel for almost a month so you can see how much I have experienced everything there is to experience for me to say these things. But of course it’s not all bad and it’s not all gloomy. The memories of our training with my co BSE’s are something that will make the place an unforgettable one. Those staff especially the guards and the bellboys that have the courtesy to greet and smile are something that could also make the experience worthwhile .

P.S I’m actually going back there this Monday so I just hope there’s a little bit of a change. Wish me luck! 🙂

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