2012: The Year that Was

By | December 30, 2012
Since its holidays I think my blog and I have this sort of understanding that I should take a break from writing a post. But now I think I can’t let 2012 end without me writing a post about it. 

First of all, I am so thankful for this year. A lot of things happened in my personal life, a lot of realizations and a lot of activities brought about by being a member of the Davao Bloggers. Davao Bloggers opened a lot of opportunities for me. Events and happenings that I could have never attended if it weren’t for DB. I’ve met a lot of people and acquaintances. I’ve read a lot of blogs and attended seminars that has taught me quite about this and that. Indeed, it was a great year to finally do something out of the ordinary. Thank you Davao Bloggers! And with that, let me just post pictures to recap the activities I had because of DB. Here are the pictures in no particular order. 

Launching of the HTC One Family

Greenwich Pizza Blowout

Tokyo Tokyo Opening

Ribbon Cutting at SM Lanang Cyberzone’s Opening
SM Lanang Cyberzone’s Opening

Blog Weekend Bootcamp
From L-R, Julie, ME, Angel and Aldwin

Ipanema Fashion Show

At the Globe Media Excellence Awards
Guest Speakers at the Social Media Day
Social Media day
The Davao Bloggers Tour
At Pasalubong Center with the Downtown Explorer group.
Launching of the pH Formula.  My first event as a DB member

Thanks BBgurl for inviting me to the group! 🙂
Press Conference- Cebuana Lhuillier 25th Anniversary

Sarah Geronimo at the Presscon of Cebuana Lhuiller 25th Anniversary

Pistahang Cebuana Pasasalamat Concert with Sarah G.
Photo grabbed from Natalie Lim
Bloggers Royale, DB Christmas Party. Photo grabbed from Natalie Lim
At the HTC Windows 8x launching
HTC Launched the HTC Windows 8x
Feel the Magic of Christmas concert with David Pomeranz
Abreeza’s Bloggers’ Day Out Fashion Event
Launching of the Bioessence’s Exilis Exilshape
Photo grabbed from Ate Tere

And of course, my love for travel made this year my most traveled one. Well, I started travelling last year so compared to that, I sure did traveled a lot more during this year. Haha Kagulo! I think this is something that every traveler wants to do, to travel alone, and by alone, I mean really alone, literally. And I’m so looking forward to doing that. Okay, so here are the pictures. 🙂

Sarangani Bay Festival with FUSHLA. May 2012
Palawan with FUSHLA. September-October 2012
Boracay with cousin Monay. October 2012
Maid of Honor at CJ and Richard’s wedding. Batangas October 2012
With CARJAQ <3 td="td">
Personal Life. One of the things that I am truly proud of was being able to graduate from a cooking class course. It was not like I’m into cooking but after that course, I learned a lot and it would be a shame to not apply it in real life. So every now and then I cook, hence my cooking post. And if one day I’ll have all the means, material and the ingredients to do so, I would gladly experiment and cook and cook everyday. charmus! Hehe And of course, it was last year when I started documenting my new restaurants discoveries and I’m thankful that the list got longer this year. 🙂 
Bechamel Sauce
Chef-ffy Quimz 😛

At grumadweyt na kami! :))
Realizations, I believe we all have that moment when suddenly we realize a lot of things and it comes surging like a wind. You know, about life, career, relationships and what not. This year, I finally succumbed to the idea that not all I thought was my friends are my friends really, (in the truest sense of the word). Maybe we did sometime ago but it was all gone now, or it was just me that gave up or changed, (maybe the latter). However, though I have that kind of feeling, I still wish them well. We didn’t separate ways, they are still in my life and I’m still glad that they are around. 
Maybe I changed, but I believe that change made me realize who the real and true ones are. That no matter what happened they are still there for you, no judgment, and no explanations. And yeah you know who you are, so just that. Thank you 2012 and here’s to hoping for a more wonderful and successful year ahead!

13 thoughts on “2012: The Year that Was

  1. Dhemz

    how awesome to be part of the group…lots of activities and escapades…now, I wish I'm in the Philippines! we don't have that kind of opportunity here.

  2. Jessica Cassidy

    What a fun and memorable 2012 you have Sis 🙂 Glad you met many bloggers from your place and meet some celebrities too. Looks like you had a blast and wonderful time to remember the year 2012.

  3. lencilicious

    Amazing year indeed. It's truly an extraordinary experience when you do it with people having same passion.

  4. Marri Bermudez

    Year 2012 was over but the memories are cherished through these captures you have here… just looking at these photos, fun and excitement are obviously overwhelming.

  5. papaleng

    2012 was a joyful and productive year for you. Just my thought, why is it that people always remember the good thing in life? Is the bad experiences not worth mentioning. As they say, we learned from our mistakes.

  6. Anna

    Really fun-filled year for you Quimz, packed with plenty of activities. I'm sure this year will be as colorful, or maybe event better, who knows…


  7. Quima

    I believe that we learned from our mistakes, that's why I stated something about friendship on the latter part Papaleng because I did have a not-so good experience about it— but I was able to learned from it. The learnings and realizations are worth mentioning but I think stating every detail of the bad experience is not worth it. 🙂

  8. kulasa

    I enjoyed reading from top to bottom and looking at your happy photos! this makes me wish I lived in Davao so I could join blogging events, no such things on my side of the country yet 🙁 …you are blessed with friends, true ones who will be there through your ups and downs, the quantity of true friends does not matter yeah but the sincerity of each friend..love your smiles in the photos…stay sweet and lovely 🙂

  9. Marie Dee

    Wow! What an amazing year that was for you! 🙂 I really enjoyed every single pics above! ♥

    I'm a new follower of this blog po! 🙂

    Marie ♥♥♥

  10. Cheerful

    wow, you've had amazing and great 2012…thanks for sharing about your life last year, i enjoyed looking to all of your pictures, it shows happiness and fulfillment in everything you did then. 🙂 wishing you another fabulous year this year…:)


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