The Big Reveal: The New Martish Store

By | January 10, 2015
Back in 2010 Marga and Tish who are cousins but grew up like sisters, opened Martish a boutique that housed their favorite clothing brands, makeup and accessories. They envisioned it as a posh, multi-brand lifestyle store that housed every latest style must-have.

 “MARTISH started simply because we wanted easy access to all the brands we love,” shares these two young entrepreneurs. 

MARTISH stands out from other lifestyle stores as it was a hole in the wall boutique. It was a little secret that the owners shared only with their friends, and friends of friends.

“We had brands that you cannot easily find in the malls but are made known only by word-of-mouth. So that’s also how the store became known,” adds Marga.
Marga and Tisha, who are very close to their suppliers, often had first dibs on the latest styles and the best discounts. As such, Martish had the finest collections of Nicole WhisenhuntJoyce Makitalo, the Paul Smith and Make Up Forever, to name a few. Since then, Martish has become the go-to place for everything chic and fashionable. 

The Big Reveal: The New Martish Store 
Today, 4 years later, comes the Martish’s evolution. While the store still curates the best in fashion and beauty, it also has now become a home for their current domestic pursuits in life, which include Tisha’s passion for natural food production and Marga’s love for make-up and anything bespoke, and their combined interests in home items. 

 Ines Moda Infantil at Martish
 Nino Basilio for Martish 
 Retaso Coasters
Tickled Pink by Kiele
“Marga and I are very thrilled to open the doors of the new Martish store,” says Tisha. 
Among the brands that will be available at the new Martish Lifestyle & Beauty store are Pediped, a high-end brand of US children’s shoes; Ines Moda Infantil, a kids clothing line; Kiele Anti-Mosquito cologneCibelli by Kiele Skin Freshener; and Retaso, a whole line of one-of-a-kind placemats, napkins and coasters.

With Marga Nograles, one of the owners of MARTISH
But what excites Marga and Tisha the most during this big reveal are the launching of these two very special, exclusive brands– the limited edition Francis Libiran for Havaianas collection and LULU DK jewelry tattoos, those intricate decorative gold and silver temporary body that have become a recent fashion phenomenon.
LULU DK Jewelry Tattoos 

Created by Lulu deKwiatkowski, a US-based fabric and textile designer. With a specific direction to embody jewelry, deKwiatkowski applied the artistic hand for which she is known to this latest endeavor, creating a line of intricate, painterly jewelry tattoos. The metallic gold, silver, and colored designs come in a wide array of styles and tastes, including classic bracelets, feminine florals, edgy geometrics, and flowing scripted words. Lasting about four to six days, in and out of the water, they are also the perfect addition for the summer swimsuit months.
Francis Libiran for Havaianas 
Perhaps this year’s most highly-anticipated Havaianas style, the Francis Libiran for Havaianas collection features three designs, each evocative of the different facets of Filipino culture: the City pair evokes hints of popular culture in the Philippines as expressed through one of the country’s most iconic symbols; the Festival pair embodies the vibrance of Philippines’ various festivals, celebrations, and color; and the Island pair is inspired by the fusion of various design elements pulled from the country’s multicultural background. Each pair is available in specially-designed packaging, making them ideal for gifts. 
One of the original MYOH volunteers: Jesse, Feb, and me with Marga Nograles
The all new Martish Lifestyle & Beauty Store is located at Door 4 Deri Building, J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada (beside Villa Margarita). The store is open from Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
For inquiries, you may call (082) 295-2669.

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