Ian Somerhalder for PenshoppeAllStars!

By | May 17, 2012

Just this afternoon, my friend KC called me and said that Ian Somerhalder is finally coming to the Philippines (courtesy of Penshoppe)! And its not just some kind of a hoax, in fact Ian tweeted it himself.


Just like before, (when I heard the news of Ian coming to Davao City thru Abreeza Mall) I went wild and got uber excited! However, this time I’m not raising my hopes too much. I don’t want to be disappointed again. And there’s a little chance that he can actually be here in Davao City as the Penshoppe event would take place in Manila. 🙁 I asked Penshoppe as well as Abreeza via Twitter and Facebook if there’s a chance they could bring Ian to Davao City and I’m still waiting for their response, (not that I’m expecting great news).

But I’m still hoping for the best. I would really love to see Ian Somerhalder….BIGTIME!!!!!


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