TVD Season 3 Finale!

By | May 15, 2012

What can I say? One of my favorite shows just came to an end and I’ll be on the waiting mode for four months. Ugh! 🙁

I watched TVD’s season 3 finale yesterday filled with anticipations of what might happen, who will die and what cliff hangers the writers prepared. I was entertained, I felt I was really there and felt those emotions the characters were feeling. I felt it when Elena was having a hard time choosing between Damon and Stefan. I must say I can feel the whole show!

Let’s put it to a list of what I could recall and what are the questions burning inside me when I was done watching the show. Okay?!

* Elena on choosing Stefan over Damon. – Can I just cry? Like now na?

                                                                                                          Ripped from 

* Damon being the first to know and talked to Elena and he just erased it.- Ugh!

                                                                                                             Ripped from

* Bonnie on transferring Klaus’ body to Tyler’s to save her friends. – I just want to say that I appreciate Bonnie doing this. Doing something out of her own accord and not because someone told her to do so. She stand on what she believed was the right thing to do and not being afraid of doing it! (clap2x)
* But it was only between Klaus and Bonnie and the rest believed that Tyler was dead and that Klaus lied to them when he said he turned them all!
* And yeah that Tyler was “dead”. – What exactly happened to Tyler? Is he really dead? Or he’s just somewhere insidehis body? Huwaat?!!
* Elijah on being a helluva of a family/brother to Klaus and to all his siblings.-Elijah really sweeps me off my feet, if I may say! (kilig)
* Alaric and Dr. Fell failed romance because of you-know-what already! 😛 – I love their chemistry, you know!
* Matt and Jeremy on saving Elena’s life that actually turned into a disaster.

                                                                                                       Ripped from

* Becky, for causing the accident of Elena and Matt’s car.
* Of Elena, forcing Stefan to save Matt first! – I was really adamant of this scene when Stefan being the powerful vampire that he is can save them both at the same time! Writers, hello? Well, there should be a way how Elena will become a vampire and this was the way! BOoo!
* Dr. Fell’s saving technique of giving vampire-bloods to patients who are nearing death. Elena on having internal brain hemorrhage – But wait, didn’t Alaric just throw them ALL away? Or that she used Stefan’s blood? Or that’s she’s got a lot of reserves???
* Elena said to Damon that maybe if she met him first, things would’ve been different.- So now that she’ll become a vampire and she’ll know that she actually met Damon first would that change everything? (Yes it will).
* And that Damon said on their first meeting that she wants a love that would consume her and Elena just told Matt that Damon consumes her! -What a a great way to serve the DELENA fandom! 😐

You know that as time passes by, I tend to build my own ship and that I’m not shipping Stelena or Delena anymore! I can accept whether its Damon or Stefan whom she’ll end up with! I keep on saying that but whoever she’ll end up with greatly affects me bigtime! I don’t know but being once a DELENA fan- I was really rooting for them. But right now- I really feel for STELENA- I DON’T KNOW! Maybe I should also experience a being a STELENA fan? HAHAHA

Whatever it will be, I can say I’m not a sour loser and I can really accept things! Really! And you know what ( I actually kept on saying this on Twitter) the sweetest thing for me on TVD is really the love, care, the i-would-die-for-you-brother or simply put, the bromance between Stefan and Damon. I just love it and it tops for me!!!

So how about you? What can you say about the TVD Season 3 finale?


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