Discovering Marks & Spencer at Abreeza Mall

By | November 10, 2012

Women and shopping is too often implied to be a match made in heaven. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that every woman has dreamt of a shopping spree. Men dread this dream of ours, since oftentimes, their money is on the line. I guess I share that sentiment, shopping is awesome except for the money part. I love shopping but I wouldn’t want to overspend for things. As someone who’s gotten a degree in economics, I want to make sure that I’m getting the most out of my money. That’s why when I heard that UK-based retailing store Marks&Spencer opened a branch in Abreeza, I was honestly thinking that this is just another one expensive store to avoid. I think most people have the same thoughts as me when thinking of a foreign brand.
Truth be told, I never once entered the Marks & Spencer store since it opened last April in Abreeza. However, the store roused my curiosity and I thought of checking the store out but my practical self convinced me to scrap the idea. That nagging curiosity stayed though. So you can just imagine how ecstatic I was when I got on the list for Abreeza’s Bloggers’ Day Out Fashion Event wherein Aldwin and I was able to shop for free at Marks &Spencer.
To say that the shopping experience at Marks&Spencer was great would be an understatement. You could argue that everything is great when it’s free. But for me, the experience was well beyond about the free shopping. I was able to discover a store that would fit right into my needs and budget.
Needs. Marks&Spencer have a wide array of products people could choose from. The store has everything from the trendiest apparels to stylish accessories, from fashionable bags to trendy footwear, and from the most sweet-smelling perfumes to delectable food and wine. Take a tour with me and see what’s inside Marks&Spencer.

The European sense of style is now making it’s way through Marks & Spencer Autograph brand.
If you fancy dresses that screams sophistication  Autograph may just be right for you. A line of dresses or blouses that would truly make you stand out from the crowd. And check out their accessories too, they’re very chic and perfect for that cosmopolitan look.

Indigo Collection
If you want to go casually cozy for these cool months, you might want to mix and match fabrics from the Indigo Collection. Go chic and stylish with the different variety of clothes you can choose from: jeans and trousers, tops and shirts, jumpers or cardigan, coats and jackets and everything you can see in the picture below.

M&S Woman Corporate Attire
For this section you can find corporate and business attire dresses, pants, blouses and slacks. Perfect for all the career woman out there.

A woman just got to have that perfect lingerie for her fragile and sexy body. Marks & Spencer has a lot of varieties to offer from knickers (panty), bra, shape-wear and a whole lot more.

When it comes to bra, Marks & Spencer has a wide arrays of bra collection. From t-shirt bras (which is the most saleable according to Nikki, one of the staff that helped me around), to push up bras, Balcony bra, Plunge Bra and so much more.


In Marks & Spencer, they don’t call it panty or undies-but knickers. A cute and nice term that I eventually like for that matter. You can choose from their No VPL or the No Visible Panty Lines knickers, bikini string, thong, low rise shorts, full brief etc. All are 100 percent cotton and lycra, (it is a lycra if it can endure a forceful stretch but would still go back to its original form). If you are allergic to lycra, they have knickers that are hundred percent pure cotton that will suit your needs.

Magic Knickers

If you want something that can hide your tummy or your baby fats, you may want to try on their Magic Knickers that would surely make you look good, fit, sexy and gorgeous.

I know Philippines is not a cold country but there are months when it is cold especially now that we are already in “ber” months. So if you want to keep yourself comfortably warm, you can get a boyfriend or you can check out their Thermals section. This is also ideal for travelers planning to go on cold places.

Socks and Tights
Check out their Ladder Resist Tights that are designed to withstand or stop any holes to get bigger or keep ladder (runs) from forming. As you can see, they have bright and vibrant colors that would surely keep you trendy without being unreasonably expensive plus you can rest assured that your actually paying for something that of high quality.

Men Section
If you think all their goodies are just for women, you’re wrong. They also have a vast collection for men and boys. From socks to hats, they all have it here for men to enjoy.

Marks & Spencer also offers a lot of beauty products, from perfumes, body wash, lip balms, colognes and more. Check out their beauty gift ideas, it’s a perfect gift for this coming Christmas season.

Now who doesn’t love food? M&S have lots of choices, from biscuits, cookies, softdrinks, coffee, pasta, chocolates, wine, teas, cereals and many more. Also check out their food gift ideas that are again a perfect gift this Christmas.

And if you are looking for that perfect gift for your loved ones or for your manito or manita. You better check out their items on sale too.

Or better yet don’t miss the Abreeza Mall’s Whirlwind Pre-Christmas SALE this coming November 12-18, 2012. Marks & Spencer is one of the participating stores and they will have awesome mark downs for you to enjoy!

The friendly and lovely staff of Marks & Spencer. Thank you so much for accommodating us! (Photo grabbed from Aldwin!)
The wide variety of products is just one of the great things about the store. What’s more enticing about Marks&Spencer is the reasonable pricing of their products. The prices are pretty similar with the local brands, and with the quality of their products, there’s no way I could go wrong with that. That being said, this makes Mark&Spencer a serious consideration for every shopping need in the near future.

And btw here’s what I got from M&S, a plunge bra and a purple wallet. 🙂

Aldwin and I:)

Thanks again to Abreeza Mall and Marks&Spencer for an unforgettable experience!

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11 thoughts on “Discovering Marks & Spencer at Abreeza Mall

  1. Rovie Aguis

    The M&S is like a complete store.

    Dili halata na mhilig ka sa purple Quimz. I love to have those bras too 🙂 LOL

    By the way, I like the look of your blog. It is clean and neat. Kinsa imong designer?

    You also write very well. Way to go!

  2. Quima

    Right you are Ate Rovs! One-stop store jud sya:)Haha Purple is love, pero daghan paman kog color na gusto. 🙂 Anyway, wala may designer akong blog te, ako ako lang, char! puti lang jud na sya. Pero gi revamp na siya ni bbgurl aka Julz last month ata.:)) Giilisan niya akong header,navigation bar, ug gidungangan niyag widget sa social media. Pero kabalo pod to sya maghimo ug background img. Akoa, puti lang jud na sya. :))

  3. lencilicious

    Even here M&S is one of the expensive shops, but the quality is superb. I love their beauty line. I buy perfume and other cosmetics there. Their food section is also very good.

  4. kulasa zen

    oh am gee…I can see you had a great time! I hate to admit it but the past few months I have acquired a love for shopping haha, blaming it on the hubby who loves shopping more than I do, unbelievably…and who wouldn't love marks and spencer? weee if I could only get to the SALE 🙂 the purple wallet and the bras look perfect…love your smiles here 🙂

  5. Ria Cervantes

    I used to love shopping at M & S until H & M opened here in Dubai. 🙂 The clothes in H & M appeal me more and the price is slightly lower than the merchandize of M & S.

    I still go there once in a while to get my fave snacks (and they have plenty! I love the choco-covered biscuits!) and gourmet stuff from the cold section.

    Ria C

  6. cheerful

    i like mark and spencer but i don't have much stuff of it anymore (expensive for me) but hubby's shirt are usually from m&s…i remember back in Phils. that i always give m&s beauty products as a gift, and i love their food ideas specially the package of chocolates and stuff during special occasion like easter, christmas and valentines. 🙂 nice to shop if its on sale. wow, you've got a lot, i bet you enjoyed shopping.

  7. Anonymous

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