I Told Myself…

By | May 11, 2011

I told you to be strong and face all your demons.

I told you not to compare your achievements (if you have any) to those of other people. Yours is different to theirs.

I told you not to compete with other people but to compete with yourself. You have set your goals and dreams, your own standards and means- follow them and not anyone elseโ€™s.

I told you to focus on your goals and achieve them. Focus means, no matter how successful other people are, you have to remain focused to what you have planned for and never change it just so you can put up to your momentary absurd feelings.

I told you to be still and patient, to wait for the right time.

I told you not to hurry and rush things for everything will just fall into place at the rightful moment.

I told you not to feel worthless or feel that you are left behind, because you are not. You know that you are doing something to achieve your goals; it just canโ€™t happen all at once.

I told you to keep grounded and never let praises lure you to the world of arrogance.

I told you to keep being who you are and just be happy about it. If you will change make sure that itโ€™s for the better and make sure that it is what you wanted, that you never have to go out of your way.

11 thoughts on “I Told Myself…

  1. jennyL

    Sometimes we need these kinds of words to uplift our spirit and keep going on. Nice reminders to yourself!

  2. Rcel

    I always tell myself to be patient and be extra patient still! I guess we have something in common! Lol.

  3. kulasa

    What an inspiring read…telling the same things to myself now…and wanting to change for the better ๐Ÿ™‚ stay the beautiful person that you are ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. betchai

    beautiful, we share the same thoughts we told ourselves, as these are really beautiful reminders to live by

  5. mhie@smarlk

    You're right, patient is always important. All of us has its own destiny. I'm not really sure if it is fate or destiny but if you are happy and determine to achieve your goal, Be it as long as you're happy once you achieve it.

  6. Jessica Cassidy

    Being different from other people make us unique as an individual. Some people may have more than what we have but it does not matter as long as we are happy and contented of what we have. Life is circle, you may never know someday you are on the top. We have to make sure that "we always keep our feet on the ground" ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Cheerful

    am i hearing myself talking here? hehehe! ๐Ÿ™‚ these are always great read to reminds us about life and to keep us going. have a great day! xx

  8. Quima

    Yeah, exactly Papaleng, minsan may point talaga na kahit alam mong mali, yun parin naiisip at nararamdaman mo..

  9. Lainy

    I hear yah! I tell myself the same things. It's good to keep us grounded especially when we unconsciously go overboard.


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