Villa Amparo: The Samal Birthday Escapade

By | February 27, 2013

Guess who’s back? Back again! Well, that just some intro for this over late blog post I supposed to have posted last year.

My friend Krisna celebrated her 24th birthday at this lovely and colorful resort in Samal- Villa Amparo. I know it’s kind of weird to say colorful for an adjective of a place, but it was, really. Villa Amparo has all the colors in the right place to make the resort so vibrant, bright and attractive.

There were colorful flags in every corner of the resort. There were even fitness equipment (like the ones you can find in the park) but it was really meant for exercising. You may think of it as a children’s playground but boy was it really something that adults should be using. I tried 4 of them and I figured I want to have those equipment in my backyard in the future. It was pretty useful and attractive that you would think differently about exercising!

The resort was clean, the staff was accommodating and the amenities were almost complete (except for drinking water which you have to bring with you). And for our room, it was nice and cozy. There were activities that you can do aside from swimming of course. You can go kayaking, or sliding in their giant slide at the sea and snorkeling. If there was one thing I didn’t like that much, was the beach itself. You know I’m a sucker for a beautiful crystal clear water that you can actually waddle in. I like the type of beaches like the ones in Isla Reta or in RMPC. But nevertheless, I still enjoyed my time there, especially the kayaking where we paddled our way throughout the whole resort.

Well, here’s some picture for your eyes to feast!

Function Hall
Restroom, Our rooms were up there to the right
The fitness equipment
Pictorial galore courtesy of Krisna’s cousin or Iris with Mariel’s camera. Processed by yours truly. 😀
Krisna- The birthday girl!

Fushla’s baby, Enzo and Ninang KC

Ang laki lang ng tawa namin

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