Hukad Once Again!

By | September 12, 2012

For the fourth time and counting I’ve never been disappointed dining at Hukad. It was always a satisfying meal and worth of my money’s value.

Dennis and I got to dine in Hukad SM Annex branch some weeks ago. We had their Crispy Pata (335Php) and Grilled Pork (198Php if my memory serves me right). Dennis was very skeptical about dining there and warned me if he’ll not get satisfied. Well, fortunately for me, he choked on his words and was indeed happy with our meal.

Crispy Pata is what I expected it to be. Crispy and very tasty! We had the large one (yeah, please don’t judge us or him, HAHA). So we had it take out as obviously it was too much for the two of us. 🙂 The Grilled Pork was also delicious and it’s sauce just made it more delectable. I’ve been loving sauces lately huh.

I will definitely come back to Hukad again and again. If you want to dine and have an assurance of going home full and satisfied then Hukad is really the place to be.


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