Havaianas Big Sizes Sale!

By | August 5, 2012

As a girl, I think I’m genetically inclined to love buying things. However, I’m not a big spender since I really don’t have that “big” money to spend. So, from time to time, I find myself looking for great deals that will give me the best bang for my buck.

So, what have I been up to this weekend? It’s really not something that’s going to make a news headline. It’s not even that interesting. I’m not even sure that you’re going to get from reading about what I did.
I went to meet up with my Ronnie and took advantage of the Havaianas Big Sizes Sale at Margarita Hotel. For only 300Php you can already avail of these Havaianas pairs. Yes men, only 300 pesos, but the catch- it’s all big sizes from 39-45, no chances of seeing 35-36 or 37-38 pair. So, as I am a 37-38 Havaianas girl, I already accepted the fact that I can’t avail of the great sale but just went to buy something for Dennis. However, fate was good to me and I found some 39-40 that would look “okay” in me. Yey!

The mint green is mine while the printed one is for Dennis. The mint green was the only one that would look “fit” on my feet. Rhyme na Rhyme:D
Thanks to the staff who allowed me to take photos of these Havaianas pairs! 🙂
For men

Another 2012 Printed flats for men

For Women: printed tops and Havaianas Slim. These are the only ones left 🙁
I was eyeing on the red sole for Dennis but it’s size 43-44
If only these pairs are meant for my feet then I would’ve grab them all! #chos hehe mga 3 pairs, pwede!:D

Today is the last day of their Havaianas Big Sizes Sale.

Watch out for their Kadayawan Sale with 20-30% discount on selected items!

Martish Marketing, Bajada Davao City
All Flip Flops store at SM Ecoland

Till next Havaianas sale! 🙂


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