By | July 18, 2012

If you have noticed I finally have my own dot com!!! šŸ™‚  How cool is that huh? šŸ˜€ Thanks to Kaiserwebs!  I was deliberately thinking of something new and fresh domain name but ended up with kimspieceofmind. Well, that didn’t push through as I’ve found a lot more better sounding domain name and that is giddychiq. Thanks to Dennis loves! šŸ™‚ For some background, giddy means frivolous and lighthearted; impulsive; flighty: a giddy young person. And I can totally say I’m like that at some point but not really hundred percent. Haha And chiq is a play around of the word chic plus my name which starts with Q. But then it’s also nice to utilize chic for it’s meaning which is:  The quality or state of being stylish; fashionableness. ehem!! So there, allow me to savor the moment of having my own dot com. Just that!  Thanks! šŸ˜€


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