Bulgogi Brothers Davao: The Interesting Experience

By | June 20, 2013

When I was invited to the food tasting event at Bulgogi Brothers Davao, I was really a happy kid. I have learned Bulgogi Brothers from my fellow Davao Bloggers’ food and social media posts. From then, it has really caught my interest and curiosity.

And last Friday my curiosity was satisfied because Bulgogi Brothers really made it a happy and interesting experience for me. We were served Korean dishes that are all new to me, well except for kimchi of course.

Here are the dishes that were served to us:

Complementary dish
Special Sticky Rice (75php)

 I actually took the liberty of naming it as such because it was very tasty. “Kanin na, ulam pa” is the exact phrase to describe how it tasted, well at least for me. It was very soft and really melts in your mouth. With these descriptions, it seems that I’m not describing a plain rice anymore, it sounds like some viand. 🙂

Boneless Beef Ribs. Flavored with a fruity bulgogi sauce (Php450)

This is my favorite among the dishes that were served to us. I’m not a food expert and I may run out of words on how to describe a certain food but this really tops for me. The softi-ness and it’s tastiness blew me away.

Barbecue Bulgogi Brothers Special (Php895)

 These heart-shaped cut beef is also one of their best sellers. The tauge made it more tasty which I really like.

Haemul Gunjung Mandu or Seafood Royal Dumpling. Consists of fried dumpling with seafood, (mussels, shrimp and squid) and served with spicy sauce.   (5pcs-Php285; 5pcs-Php350)
The food for the Gods as Sir Jaypee said. As for me, it was okay, not so extraordinary.
Bulgogi Bibimbap (Php250)
This dish is a feast of flavors. There’s a right amount of saltiness, sweetness and spiciness. This is one of the dishes that I will keep in ordering when I go back to Bulgogi Brothers.
Korean Ice cream

And to our desserts, assorted Korean ice creams. I had the Encho which was like Magnum but only it’s chocolate was so evident it was like you’re eating a chocolate bar. Perfect to top the Korean meal.

Citrus Mint (Php95)
Raspberry Tea Mint (Php95)

With Sir Jaypee (center) L-R: Ate Lany, Mami Sarah and Jonas 🙂

The price in Bulgogi Brothers Davao is quite different in Manila, as it is less expensive.

If you like to know  regarding their promos and discounts you can like their Facebook Page here.

Some of the photos are grabbed from Mami Sarah and Jonas. Thank you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bulgogi Brothers Davao: The Interesting Experience

  1. Rovie Aguis

    I am drooling Quimz! I'm not into Korean foods but I get to try some of these foods from a local Korean restaurant and I must say it was a good experience.

    I would love to try BB one of this days 🙂


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