What’s Up With Me?

By | February 17, 2011

Hello there! It’s been decades since I last updated this blog of mine and I so miss it! Well, this post is sort of an experiment because I’m doing this on my phone and mind you my phone is no qwerty type, so you just can imagine. 😀 What’s up with me? What’s up with my life?

First of all, I should say that the year started right for me coz I’m no longer on a graveyard shift. I’m indeed very thankful! Second, I am now really learning to love and appreciate my job!

Oops…Okay, I had to stop blogging on my phone because darn, it was so tiring! 😀

Okay, now, I am continuing this post using a PC..

So there, I now realize that I should love everything that I’m doing. If I am not gonna love my job, who else would love it, right? During the last month and days, I have been in situations where my character, patience and attitude were tested and I think I surpassed it all. The pain, the adjustments, the stressful loads of work, the pressure, the people, well everything. Everyday is a learning process and indeed I learned a lot from all of it. Now, I am looking forward to improving myself more and more each day and trying to realize my other dreams…

You know, I’ve got a lot of them, may that be material or not. I should start realizing it before it’s too late… Here’s some sort of a list, or wishlist 😛
Study Masters or Law or preferably pass a scholarship and study abroad. *wish *wish
Find a sideline
Buy all the things that I wish to buy 🙁 and at the same time, save! Hah! How can I do this? :S
Travel, travel and travel
Oh, and just be a better person more and more each day. So help me God.

The list is very long and so I have to cut it short. For now, I think that would be all. ☺

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