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By | December 14, 2010

This is another entry to my blog and this is about what currently flows and thoughts that runs through my mind. I am not really sure how and what to write all I know is that this would be a free flowing post. 😀 If there would be anything like that.

The reason for this post is because I am a little bit down and pre-occupied about my work. I figured that I should be more cautious and careful and must be very good with it. For my client to be happy, I must do the task with utmost perfection.

As I was trying to plan things on what to do about it, I was caught off guard by some thoughts that came surging like a wave. We are living in this life, trying to be good at school so that we can land the best job. After finding a job, we will do our hardest to keep it or to be promoted. We focused so hard in our work that often times; we lose sight of what has been truly important for us. You’d end up asking yourself, you’ve got those things that you want, but at what expense?At the expense of forgetting about the most important things, people in your life, your family, your loved ones, friends and your Life.

Yes, I know we are working for our future, to buy the things that we want, to achieve our goals and dreams, to help or give something back to our parents, to have our own business or what have you. Well for me that was more or less like it, more because at some part of my being, I wanted to be someone someday, someone you can say successful and popular? (Oh, I was just being dramatic). However, even if I have so many things in my mind, I still don’t want to be pre-occupied about it.

I know I have to work but I also know that I have to live my life. They say “you have to work to live or you got to live to work”. Whatever it maybe, I am sure I don’t want to be in that kind of dilemma. If it would be possible, I will have to work but definitely I’m gonna do my best to live my life, to give time and importance to those people I love and also to give time to myself.

That would not be easy as it may seem but we have to think always of what we really want, of what really matters. At the end of the day, work or business, they are not gonna love and hug you back. Yes they can give you happiness – that is worldly happiness, as we all know, it is only temporary, but love well you know where to find it.

12 thoughts on “What matter most…

  1. Josiet

    For me, the most important thing in my life right now are my two boys: my husband and my son.

    Like you, I wanted to be somebody. Somebody who is successful and rich (think Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the CIty! lol!). But when I got married and got pregnant, I had to choose my priorities. Is it my family or my career?

    I chose to be a SAHM. I may have my moments of self-pity now and then, but I believe I did the right thing when I see my son happy that he's with me all the time 🙂

  2. papaleng

    Have been there sis, and ang mapapayo ko lang. Make it a point to have time for yourself. Hindi lahat work or family.

  3. kulasa

    When I was younger I wanted to conquer the world, to be the best in my chosen profession but when I had my kids everything changed…now all I want is more time to spend with the kids and the hubby and my dream has changed to being able to raise the kids well to become men who know what matters most in life and ones who know how to share their blessings…The hubby and I are focusing on allowing them to learn what they would truly enjoy doing when they grow up so their work won't hamper them from enjoying life…happy working and may you have the time to enjoy what you love doing most with the ones you love 🙂

  4. betchai

    i believe when i was at your age, i of course dreamed also to be somebody and rich, marrying even the prince of whatever, haha! but of course, later, reality sink in, and when I had learned to embrace what matters most in my life, that's when i started to worry less until worrying almost become non-existent, i had learned to accept and embrace that i am not SOMEbody nor RICH, but i am happy and contented with my life, not missing the simplest joys that brings the utmost happiness

  5. Rcel

    It takes a guided decision to be able to live life with fulfillment and happiness. We all can't have it at anytime we want but we can work on achieving it. I hope you get to enjoy your heart's desire….

  6. www.riatravelbug.com

    Take life one day at a time so you don't burn out too soon. There's so much in life to explore and to be in "it" now is a blessing.

    Strike between life and work so you don't have to oblige yourself to do things because you have to, otherwise, money won't come in. Have business on the side so you don't rely on one income. Just my two cents… 🙂 Have fun in life!

    Ria C

  7. jennyL

    All of us go will go through a phase where we question our existence and purpose in this earth. As long as you know your priorities and do what you love then I guess you'll never go wrong naman. And sabi nga nila "all work and no play will make you a dull man" so work and play at the same time.

    Ananhin mo naman ang wealth mo when you are too old to enjoy di ba. Cheer up! me, naman being single for a long time, d na ko masyado nag-dedwell on the negative side nito basta go on with my life na lang and be happy.

  8. Chubskulit Rose

    Just take your time, don't rush things and value the things that matters. I was a career driven individual once, lost a love one without telling him (Papa) how much I care, and I learned a hard lesson from that! Now, I am a contented housewife and stay at home mom to my kids. They are the most important and the most valuable to me!

  9. Quima

    Wow! Thanks for all of your comments! 🙂 This may be our usual "syndication" but your comments really hits home. It made me realize a lot of things again. This was posted 2 years ago but looking back, I'm glad that I actually live my life according to what I belive is right.

  10. Cheerful

    hmm…I think all of us want to be this and that but as we mature enough, we learn to realized few things and learn more about life. sabi nga reach for the stars, di ba? but there's more than that, well, just do what will makes you happy and it will make you a better person! setting aside my career and resigning from work was bit difficult for me but guess what as a SAHM, i am now the best mommy in the world according to my kids and i am rich for having my kids around me…:)

  11. Marie Dee

    I used to find myself down and pre-occupied with unwanted thoughts way back when I still have a toxic schedule. And…. I also end up having posts similar to this as well…

    I totally understand you po. The only difference is that I'm not a mom, not yet! 🙂


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