TVD Season 3

By | October 27, 2011

Yeah, I know I should be writing something relevant and something worth reading. But just please allow me to post something about The Vampire Diaries! Actually, I was supposed to do this last month September 15, when it premiered its season 3 but I was lazy like that. Hence, this post. TVD is something I look forward to every Friday (Thursday in US and Friday here in the Philippines). It actually keeps me inspired and happy. I already told you how I fell in love with this show and now I just keep on loving it more and more. It’s on its episode 6 tomorrow and my eyes are itching to watch it! I actually have my rants and lashes about the episodes. I swear I had mixed emotions of the events that are happening in the show but I am glad that I’m a little over it right now. I can now accept whoever’s gonna be the end game, whether its DE or SE! If you have read this, I blatantly said I am DELENA but now I am fine with both, I am actually neutral now. Hehe Okay here are some things that I can share with you.

-FORWOOD- I’m loving their tandem so much!

-Ana and Jeremy’s love team too. Ana is just so cute!

-I got kilig if its DE and I also equally got kilig with SE! Sometimes, I can’t understand the feeling anymore! Haha

-Sad that Bromance between Alaric and Damon is gone. I love their tandem, you know.

-A lot of things are happening; I just hope that the writers can keep up with it unlike what happened to Heroes. I loved that show then and I still love it now, too bad it didn’t age too well. Hoping for the success of TVD through and through!

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10 thoughts on “TVD Season 3

  1. Ria Cervantes

    My hubby follows this show. Actually, he follows everything from vampires, zombies, police stories, forensic, comedy, you name it. Anything in the TV world. 🙂 Sorry, I can't say much about this show. I must have watched this only a couple of times. I prefer to watch comedy stuff and forensic themed shows.

  2. Cherry

    i missed the season 1 and 2 because it airs very late at night. lemme see if i can watch season 3. 😉

  3. Yannie

    Looks like interesting though I haven't watch even the 1st episode of TVD. I heard a lot about it from my friends but I was not able to watch it since there's only 2 channels that we can tune in back then.

  4. betchai

    your excitement in sharing this show makes me feel like I should get copies of all the previous episodes 🙂


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