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By | October 8, 2011

This was the day I got my baby, and I named her Nicola! She’s the pink one with black on the edges. I just love her! See, she’s so cute,

I really wanted the red one but it had some factory defects and when they showed me the pink one, I fell in love with it in an instant.
Well, this was also the day I took my sister, brother and his wife to dinner. Well, it wasn’t some place that’s  really fancy. And guess where we dined? Hukad again! We got the same waiter the last time we dined, remember my nightout with my college friends? Yes he was the same waiter that we got! So what did we have for that sumptuous dinner? Here it goes.

Again the famous Adobong Kangkong, I never really gotten tired of ordering this for the third time. 😛

And also the Fish basket, who never really failed to taste so good.

Grilled Blue Marlin-All I can say is that it was delicious and tasty!


Hmm,I don’t know how would I say this, okay, it was actually my first time to have a taste of Kare-Kare. Yeah, know, it’s a common Filipino dish and everyone’s almost saying that it’s their favorite food and blah. But what the heck, I don’t know where am I when my sibings got a taste of it, and I don’t remember my mom cooking it, so yes, forgive me. Well, I can say it’s not a lost for me because even if my sister who’s kind of good in cooking said that it was very tasty and delicious, I couldn’t really appreciate it! I don’t like it actually! Hahaha!


This was really where I have expected a lot. Back in Cebu, our waiter boasted about their kakanins-biko, budbud and maja de blanca. We tried ordering but it was out of stock, and the nightout we had, we also ordered budbud but to no avail. And finally that day, I was able to have a taste of their budbud. The picture on the menu looked so good and yummy. And when we got it, it was just a two suman na malagkit with a chocolate syrup and boy was it so tiny. We just laughed it out and said it was very cute but we enjoyed our dinner nonetheless and went home with satisfied stomach.

Kare-Kare- Php189
Fish Basket- Php182
Grilled Blue Marlin- Php159
Adobong Kangkong- Php75


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