The things I should not be Doing…

By | August 22, 2011

It’s just inevitable to feel unnecessary feelings. But it comes to a point when it overpowers you and it’s not right anymore. Hence, this list:

Don’t cry over spilled milk– Cliché as it may sound but I still can’t get away with it! Well, it’s not just about crying it is also about not feeling like a loser.
Knowing what is right/ what to do but still can’t stop feeling negative– I am actually feeling this right at this very moment and I hate it but I can’t help it! See? It’s so absurd that you know something is not right with you yet you still feel it, think of it and rant about it. How sad!

Stand firm with your decisions no matter the consequences– This is related to statement no.2. I know I can handle it; I just can’t get over it right at this moment. I’m always thinking of what ifs but then I’m glad that I can actually think of what I should do the next time something like this would come up.

Don’t dwell on negative feelings – I’m guilty! I tend to think and re-think about things, how should I’ve managed it, how should I’ve handled it. For me it seems like thinking about it over and over again can make things better. Who am I kidding; it just makes me feel like a loser.

I know all of these things, really. I just can’t get away without feeling or ranting about it. Maybe it’s human nature or just my nature! Crap, it’s just me all along. Myself and these UNNECESSARY THINGS! It‘s high time to get all these things in action! I will be okay and I will not feel these unnecessary feelings anymore. If I do, (because yes, human as I am, I can’t help it) I’d make sure I’d only do it for a moment and I’d make sure it will not affect my mood and will not ruin my day. I’ll see to it that I’m not going to write things like this again because I have already learned my lesson.

7 thoughts on “The things I should not be Doing…

  1. kulasa

    that happens to me a lot of times …dwelling on negative Feelings and worst,I have a tendency to exaggerate my Worries…yeah indeed it is but human nature yet as you said, we must learn from these experiences…whatever it is that you are going through l hope and pray you Will overcome…have a lovely day")

  2. Pinx

    I once felt the same way yo do sis, it was terrible that I lost weight. What I did was to let it out, all the negative thoughts, I prayed and prayed fervently, until I was released and it was a good feeling. Hope you'll feel better soon sis.

  3. ems

    I feel you, sis. I also had that same feeling like you. But I know we can handle these emotions just the way that we want them to be. Just try to control yourself and things will turn out fine. Control, that’s what I always do.

  4. Jessica Cassidy

    There are times that I am so down and that all I need is cry to pour out my emotions 🙁 I lock myself in the bathroom and pray for the strength from GOD 🙂 I do not cry or spilled milk but I get upset 🙂

  5. Chubskulit Rose

    Don't beat yourself up, we all feel that way sometimes. Heck I have a great life with my family over here but sometimes I feel like something is missing, people and things around us can mAKE us feel that way.

  6. papaleng

    Same questions my Sunday school students are asking. Yes, we're just human and so is being emotional, but the Scriptures say otherwise. Worry not. Madadagdagan ba ang buhay mo kung mababalisa ka. Sis, kaya mo yan, lots of smiles lang at dedma ang nega things. 🙂

  7. Cheerful

    we all go through this kind of feelings once or few times, glad that you know that it will not happened again or will not have the same feeling then because you know you learned your lessons already…that's great, sometimes, we have to learned the lessons the hard way to be better one! things happened for a reasons! 🙂


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