By | March 16, 2012

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog of mine. There are really no new happenings to get me busy with, I just took a break for a moment, but hey I’m back now! I started this blog not really thinking to earn from it- but just to document my life. To have something that I could look back into when I grow old. Documenting the happenings, what I learned, what I hope to learn, my dreams and hopes, my plans, what intrigues me, what entertains me, what I think of a certain thing, what is worth sharing, some insights, what I feel, what I think I achieved etc, etc. However, there comes a point when I started to feel the pressure that I should have or that I should gain followers, that I should attract readers or netizens to drop by my blog. But the truth is I can never live up to that- I know I don’t have the most interesting life and a lot of times my post are not really worth reading, it was just some ramblings of an average girl.

Well, I realized it doesn’t matter to me anymore as long as I’m doing my thing and not minding if someone reads or doesn’t read my post-it’s okay to me. This is a personal blog anyway. (Maybe time will come that I would start a SEO optimize website or the likes, but I can’t see that happening in the near future but maybe, we’ll see!) For now, I figured I’ll just do anything or write anything here-no fuss just me writing my heart out!
Hmm, sorry I never really planned to rant here but yeah self- serving post and ranting is sometimes…therapeutic.


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