Said I Love you but I Lied…

By | January 16, 2012

With constant trips from Davao to Digos and vice versa, it’s inevitable to hear songs from buses and vans. Well as you know, this is their very tool to entertain their commuters; it’s either radio or television. And then I heard a song for the first time. It caught me because of the lyrics! “Said I Love you but I lied, said I love you but I was wrong”. It’s kind of a sad song from what I can make out of it but I still keep on repeating it again and again. (Na LSS nga ako!) And then finally I searched for it and it was one of the sweetest songs that I heard from Michael Bolton. I loved the song even if I have the nuance of it to be a sad song but turned out its not! This maybe an old song but damn, I love it! Now I just want to share it with you, maybe you’ll love this song too! 🙂


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