Review: Where to Stay in Boracay?

By | February 8, 2014

It was last 2012 when my cousin and I went to Boracay (yeah, just the two of us). I finally experienced the very famous and over rated Boracay. Oh sorry, I just think that I’d prefer Palawan, El Nido and Coron more. But that’s not even the topic here. 😉

We looked into the type of accommodations that were not that costly but would still give us a comfortable stay. So we stayed in Ocean Breeze Inn, thanks to the site of Journeying James.

Ocean Breeze Inn is located in Station 3, in a sort of residential-ly area. I felt safe and actually amazed to learned that there were a lot of foreigners staying at Ocean Breeze and in the neighboring inns there.

The room we originally booked cost Php800 per night but when we got there our room was already taken and the only available room was the one that cost Php900-1000 per night. Thankfully they gave us the Php 900-1000 room but retaining the original price of the room we booked. It was so like our Palawan trip in terms of room thingy.
My photos are nowhere to be found so I lifted this one from 🙂

As you can see the room was indeed spacious, clean and airy. The staff were very accommodating and sensitive to our needs. They gave us free hot water and coffee every morning for the whole duration of our stay.

I know Station 3 is far from the hype and party place that is Station 1. But honestly, I liked it there, it’s not that crowded and there were no noise pollution. 🙂
I am definitely recommending Ocean Breeze Inn to anyone who are going to Boracay this summer.

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