Review: Harolds Hotel Cebu- A Relaxing Experience

By | October 6, 2014

Last July, we went to Cebu for a company training. What got me excited was that we got to stay in a 3 star hotel that was nice and classy- the Harolds Hotel. Upon arrival, the staff were very helpful and warm on welcoming us. There was also a welcome juice that is uber tasty! It was one of the things that I mostly like in this hotel.

Like  most hotels,  Harolds Hotel also uses an electronic key-card system that makes it safe for the customers and clients. I even tried to go to the floor where the fitness gym was located but found out my keycard has not been activated for that floor. I was excited to use it but I was not able since they don’t have equipment like plates and bar. I’m just not for the treadmill and bike baby! Hahaha

The interior and design is modern and classy. The hotel is relatively new compared to the hotels in the area so you can expect new furniture and bedding. It was clean and there was no unpleasant smell in the carpeted hallways.

 I was assigned to room with Phils a colleague from Zamboanga but due to some arrangements I had the room all for myself! It was so relaxing!

This is my third hotel review and if you have read my previous reviews/experience, you may say that I really have a section dedicated for breakfast. Fortunately, Harolds Hotel has free breakfast and a buffet style at that. There were a lot of selections to choose from so you will not eat the same food everyday. There was also bacon being served, though it is not open for public serving. You have to ask the waiter for a serving and they would gladly provide based on how many people asked for it. And the thing that amazed me was that they served tsokolate! You just don’t know happy and satisfied I was during my stay because of that! 🙂

The hotel is strategically located as it is near establishments, banks and malls. There are also walking distance restaurants nearby so you don’t have to go that far to have your lunch or dinner. The hotel has also a dedicated computer and printer where you can use for a P100 an hour. And the staff, they were very helpful and understanding. They gave me a complimentary use of the computer on my first night. As usual, I needed to finish some work so I have to use it!

Overall, I recommend Harolds Hotel for anyone who will go and visit Cebu!

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