Puerto Princesa Palawan: Places to Visit (Part 1)

By | September 19, 2012

Puerto Princesa Palawan is indeed a gifted place. I couldn’t agree more with the usual saying people are boasting there- “a city in a forest”. While Puerto Princesa is already a city, they still maintain, conserve and protect their natural resources. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot witness what nature has to offer in this enchanted place. They have tourist spots of almost all kinds, white sand beaches and deep blue waters, Underground River, Ugong Rock Formation, outdoor activities like zipline and rock climbing, firefly watching and many more.

Iwahig Firefly Watching

This is the first activity that we did the day we arrived in PPS. You cannot simply find fireflies these days because it is only present in a healthy environment. If you want to see one or hundreds, it almost seems like a Christmas tree- then this place is for you as you will be amazed by hundreds of fireflies, enfolding each mangrove trees. You can also enjoy stargazing as you swiftly cruise in the river and taking pleasure in the serenity and calmness of the night.

1500Php- Van rental from PPS City Proper to Iwahig
200Php- Registration for the Firefly watching

Sorry for the photos, due to the darkness of the surroundings that night even dslr’s camera can’t take decent photo of the fireflies. These shots however were taken using my digicam. But trust me, my friend who was with me didn’t bother to take photos as the result would be disappointing.
Honda Bay Tour

Photo from Mariel’s cam.
Find me!
On our second day in PPS, we went on island hopping! First stop was the Pambato Reef where you can enjoy the sea wonders in those deep blue waters. Fishes of different colors and coral reefs awaits underneath that can truly take your breath away, well literally if you don’t have the snorkeling props. 😀

100Php- Snorkeling Props Renting (Our Tour Guide actually gave us a 50php discount)
150Php- For Aqua shoes (good for the whole duration of the tour)

Indeed a treasure. 
All the other photos, credits to Iris.
LuLi Island 

The obligatory jump shot. 
Shoreline in the middle of the ocean.
It was called as such because the island disappears during high tide and appears when the tide is low. Lumulubog-lumilitaw kumbaga. I’m fascinated with islands like these that have a shore line in the middle of the ocean. You know what I mean right? 😀 This was also the island where I first tried to jump over a diving board, on a 16ft or more sea water level- and take this! without lifejacket at all! That was really a big deal for me as I’m no swimmer! I even jumped two times! Yay for the jumper! 😀

Photos from Mariel’s cam.

Pandan Island 
Sunblock lotion were all over our faces!
Truly breathtaking, picture did not do justice!
Meet my FUSHLA friends- from left: Mariel, Krisna and Iris
Pandan Island is quite famous as I’ve already read about it somewhere in the blogosphere. It’s called as such because of the presence of many pandan shrubs in the island. The island is known as the swimming spot in the list of islands in Honda Bay. However, we never really get into the water as it was already crowded. You bet we only took pictures and a lot of pictures here. 😀 

Photos from Mariel’s cam.

Cowrie Island

The shorelines were to die for.
Just clear waters.

Raining over there!:D
The island was sort of deserted compared to other islands in Honda bay. There were only a few groups of people when we got there, which I liked. We had our buffet lunch and swam our hearts out in this island. It rained that afternoon but I enjoyed the island nonetheless.

The last two photos are from Iris’ waterproof cam (char) and the rest are from Mariel’s cam.
Disclaimer: All photos credits to the owners respectively. Photo edits/enhancement etc are done by yours truly 🙂 

Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour
Rate: P1300.00 per person
FREE: Entrance to 3 islands, licensed tour guide, air conditioned van, buffet lunch
– We paid 50Php for the entrance in Pandan Island

– Courtesy of 3B’s Tours and Travels
Contact them at:
Mobile: +63919 210 1011
            +63919 913 0947

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