Pretty Short Haircut

By | February 9, 2015

I’ve been wanting to cut my hair since December of last year for a main reason that I’m bored with it. I’m not that vain but I wanted to look different. I even considered having a pixie cut but my face is so big pa, I can’t risk it! Hahaha

So last Saturday after attending the Dermax event I cut my hair short and I’ve never been happier. I’m so satisfied with the result I want to do it over and over again! Chos!

Sorry but I really feel like I’m so cute! Hehehe

So that’s it for now folks. What’s the shortest haircut you have tried? Share it below. 🙂

P.S. Just want to share that I’m loving Lucy Rose’s songs big time. I’m listening to her right now and been crazy since December. You should try and listen to her. Her music is peaceful, calm and soothing. That link leads to her song Shiver. Enjoy!

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