One Day…Taho Taho

By | March 21, 2011

My heart cries out for old people who have to work their ass out just to survive the day. 

This morning, while I was busy getting myself into the jeepney, I bumped into this old man (bringing two tons for taho) who was trying his hard to get in to the jeepney. So I gave way, and let him in first. When I looked into the man, he was not just old but old enough to be selling taho along the streets. The kind of age that would make you say that he ought to stay at home and have fun with his grandchildren. I know that I should be proud seeing that no matter how old he is, he still manages to work and don’t just beg on the streets for money. It just saddened me that he has to work that way.

I can’t help it as droplets of tears fell from my eyes. It just isn’t right. If I could only do something that could stop him from working, I would. I envy those rich countries that can support their people, providing them with health benefits and all the things that a man could need. I hope that our country will do that too. I know we are not rich but if only they could set aside funds for senior citizens and help them, that would really be amazing.

10 thoughts on “One Day…Taho Taho

  1. MaryJane Tauyan

    omg! definitely one of the foods i am totally missing in Philippines. They have something like that here as well but not as yummy as we have back in PH

  2. Dez

    I have this "magtataho" suki when I was a child, he's old and weak. People would advice to just let somebody else do his job, but he doesn't like the idea. I salute people like him to takes pride in working hard. I agree, our government really should take necessary steps in giving them help and privileges too. They are also citizen of our country who deserve the same right as ours.

  3. kulasa

    like you seeing old people working always melts my heart 🙂 the thought of Taho makes me smile because I grew up eating Taho every weekend morning, how time flies, I wonder where Mr. Taho of my childhood is now…I hope he no longer has to work 🙂 may your good heart be blessed 🙂

  4. papaleng

    Its better to sell taho than steal. I guess, its the old's man view of life. But, its a pity that senior citizens got only meager help from concerned govt agencies.

  5. betchai

    i share your wish, i wish somehow that our country would also have good health benefits and that saving lives would be a priority. i miss taho, so much, i make taho sometimes.

  6. Rcel

    You are so right, sis! I feel the same for those older folks, too. Whenever I am home in CDO, those people that sell goodies house to house, when they stop by from ours, would exclaim in so much happiness because I usually would buy everything she sells so she can go home and rest. The stuff that I bought I distribute to the neighbors and whoever would want them. If only I could do more….

  7. cheerful

    indeed, i admire people like him…you know, if someone's old trying to sell me stuff in the market, i always try to buy at least one…just to help a little bit. anyway, the taho caught my attention right away…i miss having one, may suki din kaming matanda na nagtitinda ng taho sa lugar namin. God bless your kind heart Quimz.


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