Ombu: Never thought it was so good

By | February 24, 2013

Last February 2 after the Godiva event, my CARJAQ friends and I met up at Gaisano Mall and we were hungry and was in dire need of some place to eat. Anyway, we were trying to choose which restaurant to eat at The Peak Gmall, it was a bit hard as there are a lot of restaurants there. Finally, I decided that we should try Ombu, and warned them that whatever the outcome may be, they should not blame me. However it turned out to be the best choice I made since 48 years ago. Hehe

We ordered their Special Kinilaw (fish and pork combined) and Lechon Kawali. These were just simple foods but the taste of it made it so special, extra special for that matter actually. I am not exaggerating but it was the best Kinilaw I have ever tasted in my entire life! The vinegar (suka) alone was very tasty plus combined with the crispy pork and fish, gaah it was heaven. The whole time that we were eating, we took turn in saying β€œwala ko nag expect, lamia ani ui” (I didn’t expect but this is just so delicious). Lechon Kawali was also very appetizing too. There were just the three of us but we had 7 cups of rice. Yeah, the food was that good and satisfying. But I am not telling who ate the most rice . πŸ˜€

Lechon Kawali 

Special Kinilaw
With my lovies, Angel and Ronnie 

Ombu maybe a bit weird for a restaurant name but I have never asked, so I think there was an underlying reason behind it. Anyway, I am so going back there to try their other food offerings and by that time I would surely ask why it is named Ombu.

So, need I say more? I am so recommending it to you guys. So if ever you happened to be in Gmall, try dining at Ombu and you will surely go home with a very satisfied and happy stomach.

Note: This post in not sponsored or paid. I am just so happy and satisfied with my experience there, so I am just sharing it.

12 thoughts on “Ombu: Never thought it was so good

  1. lencilicious

    Once in a while or if I have the chance, I would love to dine with friends. Trying new restaurants is some sort of my hobby, lol.

    The lechon kawali looks so yummy and crispy.

  2. Sarah Jean

    I also saw this Ombu restaurant at the Peak, i don't know if this is the branch of the original Ombu located in Monteverde St. but I love their greaseless chicken, one of the best I've tasted.

  3. Cherry

    Ombu, very intriguing name for a restaurant indeed. Good find huh? Sometimes, it pays to be adventurous with food. πŸ™‚

  4. papaleng

    Ombu, akala ko nga Disney character. The palce seems ok and the foods specially the Lechon Kawali are yummy.

  5. Mai

    Lucky that you pick that restaurant and I'm sure they're not blaming you for that. Mouth watering lechon kawali! Yummy!

  6. ku

    Ombu sounds weird I agree but it has the power to stir curiosity πŸ™‚ hmmm I think I may have a clue who ate the most rice πŸ™‚ the lechon kawali is something my pork loving hubby would terribly enjoy! wish we could try eating there too! have a lovely day eating!:) love that group photo of you :)it shows how satisfied you all were, I could almost hear the "burp" hehe πŸ˜€

  7. Josiet

    That special kinilaw looks so appetizing! It's my first time to see a kinilaw with pork.

    Can I hazard a guess as to who ate the most rice? πŸ™‚

  8. ems

    That is definitely one unique name for a restaurant! But the food is so great! I love the lechon kawali. It made me really really hungry right now!

  9. Cheerful

    seeing lechon kawali, i will be eating more rice for sure! both looks mouthwatering, now you've made me crave for lechon kawali, πŸ™

  10. Algene

    Ngayon ko lang alam na may Ombu pala sa GMall? Maka-SM and Abreeza kasi ako so I'm not familiar with the stores, fast food chains and restaurants in Gmall. Will check this new place soon, Quims. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚


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