By | May 14, 2012

Sounds like “Delena” fans will enjoy the finale then.
Plec: The second half of the episode is very much driven by Damon and Elena — as he’s falling apart — and what she does to try to bring him peace. This is very much an episode of Damon and Elena, and all their relationship issues that they’ve struggled with for two years now coming to a head.


Oh No! Okay, I super love Damon because let’s face it, everybody loves him coz he’s just gorgeous!! No question about that. At the first season of the TVD I really wished that Damon would play the Stefan role remember this? But later on, I’ve come to love their characters, they really fit into it and they’re the best! I know the STELENA and DELENA thing and I should say that I am a DELENA fan but I can accept the fact that Elena and Stefan just so love each other.

Now, with this link, I can feel that the cliff hanger they’re talking about is Elena and Damon being together in Season 3. This is just my hint but honestly, if this will happen, I will feel really bad for Stefan. I mean you just can’t make them together when for Season 1 and 2 Stefan and Elena are just so in love with each other. Well, I know there is the “Damon thing” but of course we can crystally see that Stefan and Elena are into each other. Crap!

Oh I’m sorry for lashing out about this, I never thought I would. I was just reading the link and planned to post it in my Facebook wall but decided that I have so much to rant about so better say it here. Oh crap! I don’t like the feeling this news brought me. L

And again sorry for being so lame, this is me right at this very moment. L

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