Nail Art!

By | August 12, 2011

Oh no, do not think I am good with nail art. I am just fascinated about it.  Though I want to master it, I know it needs time and effort. And I don’t have much of the liberty to do it these days. So for the meantime I would just settle for nail stickers! Thanks to Julie for buying one and giving the rest to me. And she actually tried it last weekend see?She was actually good at it! Char! hahahaha 😀

Anyway, here is the picture of me with my “nail art fingernails”:P. Julie was also the one who took these pictures! :)) Thanks a lot Jolie!

Sorry for the low resolution of the photos. It was only taken using a phone camera. 😛

12 thoughts on “Nail Art!

  1. papaleng

    Hayz, 'Ang mga babae talaga'. You're so creative when it comes to nail art. I like your ring. Just kidding.

  2. Anna

    Wow circa 2011! You really loved nail art even before it became so popular these days! I havent seen you in short hair yet huh 🙂

  3. betchai

    my favorite picture is the last, such a picture of happiness and joy, like a child, soooo love it. i am not good in even polishing my nails, so i can't try nail art.

  4. Rcel

    Hahaha! Look at those nail arts you got! They are so cute and looks so fun! I would love to have them on mine, but I don't know how to do them. I only paint my nails when I feel like and I am not even good at a simple manicure; how much more with art? Lol.

  5. Quima

    I'm not even good myself. ehehe It was just a sticker Mam Betch! But your hands are so good in photography. 🙂

  6. kulasa

    your nails look so pretty! psstt I am a nail art fanatic too hehe, lately I have been wondering what design to use on my nails again..oftentimes I ask the hubby what he likes because I get a lot of comments from him when he does not like the color of my nails hehehe….love love your smiling eyes in your photo and the colorful nails 🙂 have a lovely day sis 🙂

  7. Cheerful

    Oh, nail art…thinking about it makes me miss Phnom Penh and those girls who are very good at it, they had it even before it got known in Phils., so every time I go home back then (2008 onwards)…my nails always get compliments with how beautiful it is. i remember those sales ladies in SM always fascinated with my nails, hehehe! 🙂

  8. Quima

    I am not pro in nail art also and those were just stickers. hehe But I think I'm getting good at painting my nails, you know just the normal ones. hehe

  9. Quima

    Wow! I would love to have my nails painted by you Doc Zen. hihi Yeah, I tried doing nail art but it was just so bad. I'll better stick with stickers nalang talaga. hehehe


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