My Skin Essentials: Your Skin’s Best Friend

By | July 6, 2014

I got my first set of My Skin Essentials when I won it on Foursquare day last year. Of course I was elated with the free beauty essentials but honestly I didn’t know if I could really use it. It basically just stayed with me untouched for a couple of weeks until I learned from Mami Rovs (on her blog review) that My Skin Essentials did wonder for her skin, so I tried it myself. It was the best move that time because I was running out of my BB cream and I needed something that could give me (at least) the coverage that BB cream was giving me. That’s when I started using the Revitalizing Day Cream of My Skin Essentials and I’ve never been happier.
It may not give the same coverage as the BB but it almost did. It had SPF 45 and the coverage was good that I could just tap on a pressed powder and I’m all done. It worked for me as a cream, sunblock, moisturizer and primer all at the same time that when I ran out of it, I even used the Revitalizing Night cream to replace it. Haha Yes, you read it right and the night cream too, worked well on my face.

We at My Skin Essential, Phils. will dedicate ourselves in providing every woman, man, and their families an opportunity to have healthy, radiant and glowing skin naturally.
And it’s all empty!  🙂
I never really had any major problems with my face (thank goodness). But everytime I try on new facial products I run a test first on my forehead and it was great that My Skin Essentials never gave me any breakouts whatsoever. Instead it gave me that soft and glowing skin. As it is paraben free and only uses safe ingredients you can really expect it to do wonders on your skin without breaking out.
How about you? Have you heard or tried My Skin Essential products before? How was your experience? 
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