My MYOH 2012 Pair

By | September 30, 2012

Sorry for posting a very outdated post- MYOH 2012! I’ve been busy these past weeks because of an extra job I’ve accepted. But finally, the first part (which is the most laborious part) is over, just this night actually. So here I am, trying to make amends with my blog by posting from a very outdated post to the newest ones. So lemme start with this MYOH post, okay? 😀

Nothing really interesting here, just sharing with you what I got during the concluded MYOH event last September 14-16.

As usual I was having a hard time choosing my sole and straps.

Kuya, the one who assembled my pair. Finally settled for a purple sole and an orange strap!
Tadaa! With an Aviator and 1962 pin.  
Ron and his officemate.
Our pairs!
Ron got the Estampas Limited editon sole and an orange strap.

Happy Fifty Year Havaianas!

It was way back in 2008 when the first MYOH event happened in Davao City. I was in my 2nd year in college and was one of the pioneering volunteers for the MYOH Davao. Havaianas way back then was “new” to the Davao market. We were trained and briefed about the history and origin of Havaianas, and indeed there were a lot of people asking what makes Havaianas  expensive, is it really hundred percent rubber and so on. And now looking back, Havaianas has indeed invaded Davao City and the whole country at that. There may be a lot of flip flops and footwear brands nowadays but I can say Havaianas still holds a big share of the flip flops market.

And now allow me to congratulate and greet my ever favorite slippers in the world, HAPPY 50th year Havaianas!

4 thoughts on “My MYOH 2012 Pair

  1. Josiet

    I've always wanted to join this event but unfortunately I'm always not in Manila. Is this a yearly event now?

    Btw, the aviator pin looks cool! 🙂

  2. lencilicious

    I love the idea that costumer can choose the color of sole and strap to put together. Nice choice you've got.


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