My Magical Passion

By | November 15, 2010

It saddens me that I’m gonna watch the last movie of Harry Potter, though I can still watch the half of it next year. Ouch just the thought of not seeing wizards again makes me feel nostalgic.

To be honest when Harry Potter came out, I never really gave a damn about it. I was in 1st year high school and almost all of my classmates talked about it, read it (even saw them reading the book over and over again.) Well, what I know about it was, it was about wizards and magic but still life goes on for me without being hooked up with Harry Potter.

It was then when I was in 4th year high school when my cousin persuaded me to try to read the book. (Oh I should say I start reading books and love them since I was in 1st year high school, Goosebumps, Mills and Boons and Danielle Steel, etc.):D
So I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and then that was the start of me loving Harry Potter big time! I’m not really the type that would buy all those posters and stickers and sadly though I’ve read all the books over and over again it was never my book. You see I just borrowed them. However I’m going to have a collection of HP book soon. 😀

Reading Harry Potter books is far better than watching them in movies, though I still watch the movies. ; P Reading it feels like you’re really part of it that you were there fighting the battle for Harry, that you’re part of the Gryffindor house. Reading it made me cry! Yes, I know it’s not a romantic or love story or anything for that matter, but it did make me cry. When Sirius Black died and oh when Dumbledore, uhm, yeah died. 🙁 Indeed you can say it did give me a lot of emotions, it made me skip meals and even sleep just to finish the page turner book. I even got scolded by my sister but still I can’t take my hands off the pages of HP book.

Now that the end is near, I surely won’t miss it for the world and surely will read Deathly Hollows again. 😀 Though the end is near, I can say that Harry Potter will be forever in my heart! <3

11 thoughts on “My Magical Passion

  1. Marri Bermudez

    I have heard a lot of good reviews and praises about Harry Potter but I never actually watch or read any of the books yet. I may be one of the avid fans if I will start it now na!! 🙂

  2. Vernz@ Woman Elan Vital

    OMG, sa kaadikan ko rin I invested on a chest of books of these… yung set 3K kapin akong gipiyongan ug palit Quima…just sad really, it'll end up soon 🙂

    Mind joining my giveaway, very easy the mechanics 🙂 hehehe

  3. Teresa Martinez

    I am very much into reading books but frankly haven't had the chance to read Harry Potter books. You certainly caught my curiosity so I might just start reading when I have time. For now, the movie version has given me an idea.

  4. Marie Dee

    Oh. Another Potterhead here! 😀

    You're not alone po. Tsk. So sad that the movie series has come to its end na..

  5. papaleng

    Whah, my daughters KM and McDo even bought all the HP pocketbooks, hard cover pa man din. Guess what, mas maganda reading the bbooks kaysa sa film adaptation. Main reason, less gastos. LOL

  6. Anna

    I really never got to follow the movie series but I am familiar with them because my children watch these and even read the books. Don't know pang romance and love stories lang cguro ako, lols 🙂

  7. Jessica Cassidy

    I never a fan of Harry Potter 🙂 but many are just like you 🙂 I am not into fiction 🙂 and fantasy movies 🙂 Glad that is your magical passion 🙂

  8. Cheerful

    my boy loves these Harry Potter books, he got it all…:) but I never had the chance to read it yet, I hope to find time! 🙂 he watched all movies of it, too. he is such a Harry Potter fan.

  9. Mari Bella

    Reading books , watching movies, are the things that I missed last summer. Now is a very busy beginning of the school year. No chance of leisure anymore. Hehehe busy na.

  10. Algene

    Oh, a back post! Hahaha I miss Harry Potter! The last two parts really broke my heart.


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